Sunday, August 26, 2007


We got the last things out of the apartment and the storage unit today. It had seemed like it might be a big job, but it wasn’t at all. Either that or we’re just getting used to it by now.

While I went for a morning run, Dan took a big donation of clothes and books to Salvation Army. Then while I did a final wipe-down of things, he went to borrow a pickup from one of his professor friends. We loaded the pickup with the items in storage we were keeping, at which point Dan told me he didn’t want to keep the loveseat after all. I was annoyed because, what, now I’m supposed to buy seating for the garage apartment? But I was at that stage where I would do just about anything to avoid an argument so I told him to go on and donate it, if that was what he wanted to do.

So while he went to give Salvation Army the loveseat and bring the last of our boxes and a small table to the new place, I grabbed a few things and went home.

I was exhausted and hungry, so I was glad to get cleaned up, go have Indian buffet, and take a long nap.

This evening I went back to the old place for a few final things from the patio and for the cleaning supplies.

And that was it!

Dan wants to vacuum the carpet one last time tomorrow, so if we can get apartment management to do the walk-through, so much the better. Turn in the keys and be done with it. Otherwise we’ll have to schedule a time during the week for that, and it’s not easy for me to get away from the office at fiscal year end.

But regardless, there is nothing more that needs doing there. I’m so glad!

Tonight I cleared a space for a morning workout in the studio/garage apartment. I’ve got a lot of things to sort through back there, so it won’t be how I want it until mid-September or maybe even October. But I don’t care. I’m done with the old place and my new life can finally begin!

This is in the study, which also doubles as a spare bedroom.

Today’s Workout
11 mile run


Jill said...

Congratulations!! One of these days I would like to have my own house. Yours looks so cute!

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh good for you! It'll be so nice once you're all settled.

archi ann said...

how awesome! congrats - thanks for the pics - lots of great rooms to chew in :-) (my mum says it looks like a beautiful home!)

Jim Melvin said...

I know how tough moving is, having recently done it myself. My own exercise habits bit the dust for about three months. It's amazing that you're still doing so well. Most people can't walk 11 miles, much less run them.

txrunnergirl said...

I'm sure it feels good to be done moving everyting to the house, Congrats! BTW, way to go on getting in 11 miles while in the middle of moving!

Virginia Lee said...

Hooray for you! Enjoy your long weekend and do what you really want to do. Don't forget to give out bunny treats while you celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Yay -- that's great, and I am so glad you're all done with the apartment! :) I know you'll enjoy your new home -- it looks beautiful.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog -- it started out as kind of a rough week, but it seems to be on the upswing. And of course, kitties make everything better. :)

Hugs, my friend! And give Tidbit a kiss from me. :)

Allie Boniface said...

Congrats on your new place...that's exciting!