Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Move - One Week Later

One week in my new home, and in spite of all the move-related work still ongoing, I love it!

We’ve got all but a couple final things out of the old apartment, and after we scrub the floors and windows, we'll be ready to turn in the key.

Here at the new place, we’re still putting things away and trying to figure out what we want on the walls. I think we’ll end up buying a few things for the living room, and we’ll need another bookcase, but there’s nothing we need urgently.

I spent a couple hours tonight working on the garage apartment/exercise room. I didn’t realize until this move just how much exercise equipment I had! Bikes, weights, stretch tubing, bottles, gels, camelbaks, spare tubes, kickboards, fins, an aquajog belt, tennis rackets, boxing gloves, and scads of exercise books and spin videos. Then there’s all the camping and hiking equipment. It’s all got to fit somehow, and we still haven’t brought over the loveseat from storage so Dan can also use the room as a music room. I sure hope our finances never require we rent the apartment out, because I don’t know where we’ll put all that stuff in the house!

I love my new “commute” to the office, which gets me about two miles of walking each day. Even rainy days aren’t a big deal. I just take my ginormous umbrella. The other day there was flooding around town and we were advised not to leave campus due to high water. I was stuck at the office anyway, getting my boss ready for a meeting, but it was cool to know that I could go home anytime I was willing to brave a few puddles. Street flooding and traffic jams were of no concern to me!

I met my UPS guy and made arrangements for him to leave things on my porch if I’m not home. When I’m home, though, I can just leave the blinds open in my study and see him. I can also watch people walking home from their university jobs, just like I do. When I go for a run in the neighborhood, people smile and wave hello. Everyone either knows each other or figures it’s just a matter of time, since most people who live here work for the university. It’s a nice, cozy feeling.

I didn’t do much this week in the way of workouts because I’ve been tired, we went to the Rush concert on Tuesday, and I’ve had a lot to do around here. But I think next week I’ll be able to start settling into a schedule. I’m a creature of habit and my tolerance for disruption has a shelf life. I'm committed to August being a chaotic month, but I'll be glad when things quiet down and I'm back into a routine.

Recent Workouts
Monday: 30 minute run
Tuesday: no workout, but lots of walking
Wednesday: no workout- too tired
Thursday: 30 minute spin
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 10 mile run


pacatrue said...

It's looking amazingly good already.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Glad to hear such good things, lady! The living room looks great; very homey and already lived in. (that's high praise, btw. Lived in.)

I thought of you yesterday; I took the Pilot out for a ride but had a tire issue -- I hadn't inflated it high enough, I learned. Ride wasted. :(

I need colder weather gear for biking. Got any advice?

jet said...

Congrats on the move-in!

It's great being able to walk to work, isn't it? I walk about 3/4 mile to a bus stop then spend 20 minutes reading on the bus, but I'd much rather walk a mile each way.

Michele said...

Congratulations on your new house! The photo is lovely---I really like the white mantle---and it sounds like you're going to be very happy. And what could be better than being able to walk to work? I'm so glad for you. Enjoy.

Thomma Lyn said...

Wow, congratulations on your new house -- it looks lovely! And how wonderful to be able to walk to work!

I hope Tidbit and Pixel are enjoying their new digs, too. :-D