Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend Annoyances

Well, my flaky internet service is down again. This time Comcast is out for the entire neighborhood, so the problem isn't just us. One of Dan's friends says there is another way to get internet service in the area, so maybe we should investigate. I should've never mentioned to anyone that my internet access had finally stabilized because I obviously jinxed us!

At least it's no big deal to use my office computer. When I came over here tonight I realized that the office, and indeed the entire university campus, was starting to feel like an extension of my home-- just one more place that's "mine." It's kind of strange.

I had yet another bad long run today. I'm beginning to wonder what this is all about. I haven't had a good run of ten miles or longer since before we moved. At first I chalked it up to the move and all the overtime at work. I wasn't getting much sleep and I was doing a lot of new physical activity-- going up and down three flights of stairs carrying heavy boxes over and over again to move out of my old apartment, taking things apart and putting them back together, not liking where a piece of furniture was and having to move it, etc. I was hurting in all kinds of new places.

But this past week was relatively easy. I got off work on time every day and I didn't work out on Thursday or Friday. I tried to get to bed early each night. Today should've been a solid run. Instead, I felt tired the whole time and my hip hurt. I had some GI trouble last night, so maybe that had something to do with it. Still, twelve miles shouldn't wipe me out like this.

Today was my first long run from the new house, so it was nice in that respect. A new route is always fun. I've found that the bayou trails that parallel MacGregor aren't completely torn up, after all. The workers have torn up the south side in some places, the north in others. So if you know where to change sides, you get trail access all the way to Hermann Park.

So my route was nice-- bayou, Hermann Park, Rice University and then home. But it was a tough run for me and I can see potential for trouble in summer on the bayou trails, since they aren't shaded. I'm also concerned about boredom. At the old place I had half a dozen different ways to start my long run. But it looks like here there's only one safe way, and that's the bayou. Maybe by next summer I'll have found alternatives or a group to join. Among the many nice things about my university is all the informal athletic clubs that one can join, whether one is student, staff or faculty.

Not much else is going on. Having my internet connection down sucks. It worked earlier today, so I wish I knew what went wrong and I hope they get it fixed by tomorrow. I don't like my office so much that I want to spend my weekends here, even if it does feel almost like home.

Recent Workouts
Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical
Wednesday: 35 minute spin
Thursday: no workout-- went to buy a futon for the studio
Friday: scheudled rest day
Saturday: 12 mile run

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