Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekly Recap

I did a 15.5 mile run today. The first hour was nice and cool, and it was good to get out there and clear my head from the week. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when the boss is gone, although I worry that I might start encountering other types of roadblocks next week. Executive management can be stunningly unwilling to answer questions from us peons in middle management, for all their happy speechifying about how accessible they are.

And don’t even get me started on rude colleagues who decide that 3:15 on a Friday is the perfect time to demand (Huh? You’re not my boss!) additional work on a project right now, even though it’s not a new development and they had all day to mention it. Unlike my co-workers, I don’t come in late and then slip out for a two-hour lunch on Friday. I’m there. And if I need to leave a little early to take stuff to HR, it’s because I’m head of IT HR and we’re under the very real threat of an employment lawsuit. Yeah, my job is just as real and important as that of my colleagues. Amazing!

Furthermore, I can’t accept that something’s an emergency when it’s been known all day and no one mentioned it to me in the eight hours my butt was in my office chair.

I’m a tad narrow-minded that way.

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest!

I had a conversation with a co-worker this week about the trails along the bayou near my house. Supposedly one can follow them all the way out to around where my Mom lives, about 20 miles. Since these aren’t rustic trails, but more like a sidewalk, I’m thinking it might make a good bike ride. I see cyclists out there whenever I go for a run. But I’d like to have someone to ride with, at least the first time. I’m in no danger of getting lost, but I don’t know if there are places that aren’t safe or aren’t good for cycling, where I would have to share the street with cars. That’s a dangerous proposition in my city, especially without a group of other riders to enhance street presence and visibility. So I’ll have to find someone to ride with, and my best prospect so far doesn't have a bike, which poses a bit of a problem. It would be nice if I could get my lazy husband to go, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Not much else is happening here. I was pleased to sell a few more books this week, but I still don’t have enough people who actually told me they bought it for me to make a good prize drawing next week. (I only know my sales numbers, not who the buyers are.) So unless a few more people buy the book or download and then tell me they’ve done it, I may split the goodies and have two drawings—one in September and one in October. Once I get the prizes put together, I’ll take pictures and maybe that will tempt someone to speak up. Or not. In which case me and the bunny will enjoy the snacks together.

Bunnies can eat piñones, right?

Recent Workouts
Saturday: 15.5 mile run (combination campus + bayou trails)


Vickie said...

Are you training for anything in particular? Because if not, that mileage is fantastic! I wish! As for the wait-until-3:15-on-a-Friday-afternoon crap? Well I get the 4:45 on a Friday afternoon crap all the time, so I know how you feel!

From Here to There said...

Wow, I think I wrote those first few paragraphs...

Michele said...

Hi BG. Gee, sometimes I really miss having a "real" job and then I read something like what you've just written and am reminded of what I'm really missing---tons of BS! ;-) Thank you for that.

Good luck with finding a cycling partner because those trails sound lovely. I agree about trying to stay away from any and all cars---definitely a good idea almost anywhere.

Take care!

Virginia Lee said...

Oh my, I worked in the dealer scheduling office at a casino and had to do HR things about half the time. You totally flashed me back to shift bosses who were NOT on my shift coming in and asking me to do work for them. Feh.

Be careful around those bayous, hon. I hear tell there's monsters in them there parts. And it is awfully close to Halloween. Typing of which, have you read your bunny the kids' book, Bunnicula?

Rachel said...

What are pinones? Anyway, I love exploring new trails. You are awesome for running 16 miles like it's nothing. I hope to be there someday soon.

TX Runner Girl said...

I'd love to explore those trails with you. I am always looking for a new place to ride. Of course, I haven't been on my bike in about a month, so I'd be pretty slow!

bunnygirl said...

Virgina Lee, you're the second person to mention the bunnicula book, so I guess I have to read it!

Rachel, pinones are pine nuts. They're all over New Mexico and parts of Arizona, although I wouldn't really feed them to my rabbit. :-)

Tx Runner Girl, the trails go from around UH to Brown and Root. Since it would be my first time on the route, it would be exploration-pace, not standard road-ride pace. It would be just for fun and to get an idea what the route is like. If you're still interested, let me know!