Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dan found four of those disgusting tree roaches in our house tonight. WTF? There's no way to avoid them altogether in Houston unless you live in a high-rise, but four in one evening is just way ridiculous.

I can't stand them and won't even go near the repulsive things. That's what I have a husband for. In fact, insect control was one of the main criteria I had for a spouse, since sex and money are pretty easily acquired. And to give him credit, Dan does a very fine job of insect control. Years ago, I knew he was the man for me when he removed a bee from my apartment by picking it up by its wings and setting it free outside.

Tonight he dispatched all four cockroaches entirely without assistance from the cat, who is supposed to be his assistant and backup roach-manager. I must think about replacing the cat.

The bunny, of course, has no insect-management duties. Nor do I. I do enough around here already.

Today's cooking

* Rice
* Black beans with tomato and garlic
* Curry zucchini
* Fried rice
* Carrot-apple ginger bread (2 loaves)

Today's Workout
2 hour spin


DK & The Fluffies said...

Ewwwwwww - we don't do bugs!

the Bag Lady said...

Okay, now the Bag Lady is curious - what is a tree roach? Yet another bug for the Bag Lady to use as an excuse not to move somewhere warmer??

bunnygirl said...

BL- Tree roaches, also known as palmetto bugs, are flying roaches about 3" long, although I've seen some that I'm pretty sure were at least 4". It's their size that creeps me out. They're pretty harmless, but there's just no reason for an insect to be that big.

Vickie said...

I always say, bugs belong outside. Once they get inside, they are fair game. I had an invasion of roaches one time, in a new house, and unknown to me they were there until the kids left food out one morning and you guessed it. Hope you get ride of those nasty creatures!

archi ann said...

ewwww that is gross. good thing you have a husband. when i was in my enclosure outside i had to kill them myself and did! mum seemed very proud of me

weird thing happened this morning - never seen it before. mum got up and it was still very dark and left with all the dogs on leashes! bummer was when she came back she still had the dogs but they were panting really hard i was hoping they were going away!!!

the Bag Lady said...

Okay, 3 inch long bugs are going into the "cons" column! The Bag Lady hates bugs....
Of course, no snow goes in the "pros" column, about 9 thousand times...

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as how until recently I had a pet tarantula (she passed away last year to the Happy Cricket Hunting Ground), I don't have a squick factor when it comes to bugs. But I dislike cockroaches. I terminate them on sight, with extreme prejudice. :)

LOL that Pix won't pull bug duty! MaoMao ought to teleport over and help you with the roaches. He's quite a Mighty Bug Hunter!

Rabbits' Guy said...

At the risk of being redundant Houston, You have a problem ... but sounds like the solution is handy!

The Bunns are not good for any of that stuff either. They do eat stray, fallen indoor plant leaves .. probably not good as well.

lola said...

ewww we hate bugs like that!!

but in other news, we tagged Tidbit for a book meme! See Lola's blog for more!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hilarious post.

I'm afraid with no males in the house, there's no designated bug killer Chez Crab. We both try to wait it out and hope the other one will wear out and deal with them first.

The Lobster is willing to squoosh them, but for some reason I can't kill anything but a mosquito without feeling guilty. So I try to round them up and shoo them out, which is not particularly effective.

Our cat is not much help either!

MizFit said...

My husband was traveling when a dead bird (?) decided to plop down our chimney.

I donned protective gear and disposed of it properly.

I dont think he found it as funny as I did when I announced to him that I was OFFICIALLY my own husband.


From Here to There said...

Is it true the warmer the climate the larger the bugs?

You've had a seriously busy day! 2 hour spin? WOW!