Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid-Week Rambles

This has been a catch-up week at the office. Although the students are back now, I don't work in a student-serving department, so we're not affected much. Instead I'm trying to dig through the backlog that built up over the past two weeks when we put everything on hold in order to get the new fiscal year merit pay verified and loaded.

Dull stuff.

Less dull is the hurricane that might move into the Gulf by the weekend. There's no telling where it will end up at this point, but already some people are freaking out, wondering if they need to evacuate from Katy, Sugarland, and Conroe-- areas that are so far out of the danger zone that even a direct hit with a Cat 5 probably wouldn't be a big problem except for people living in trailers and flood-prone areas. But people need things to freak out over in their dull little 8-to-5 lives and the news media is happy to oblige with exciting graphics and dire predictions.

All I know is I'll be pissed if we get a Labor Day hurricane. I already have Monday off, dammit. If we're going to get a major storm (or serious threat of one), I want it to come with a Get Out of Work Free card. So how about Tuesday or Wednesday, Gustav? If that won't work for you, go someplace else, okay?


the Bag Lady said...

It's supposed to be cold and rainy here for the Labour Day weekend, too. And we are going camping. Period. Even if it frickin' snows!
Hope your hurricane hardly happens....

Thomma Lyn said...

We've been getting lots of rain from Tropical Depression Fay, but *whew* it's been welcome -- we practically rolled out the red carpet for her. East TN has been in severe to extreme drought conditions.

I hope Gustav leaves you alone! Had to giggle at "get out of work free card." :))

k said...

I'll think good thoughts that the storm dies out and leaves you alone. I just completed my very first triathlon and your blog was one of those I followed during my training. My husband and I love the spinach quinoa bake and I've enjoyed following your training. Thanks for the inspiration!

From Here to There said...

We had the tail end of one of the hurricanes once - 18 hours of solid rain. We got an inch. Many areas had severe flooding. Our infrastructure is built for snow I guess.

Cat 5? As much as I love storms, I'd be hightailing it out of town. Our radar never gets red, that would signal the end of the world here :)