Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Notes

No, we're not throwing the bunny away! It just seems there's nothing he's not curious about. He got in my lap last night while I was on the computer, stuck his face in the sleeve of my bathrobe and just sat there like that for fifteen minutes while I rubbed his ears. Little weirdo. I guess he's never heard about oxygen. Note to self: add science lessons to the reading lessons.

In other news, the hurricane tracking models have settled down and it looks good for us, bad for New Orleans. Although actual site of landfall is still uncertain, you might as well have the checkbook handy. Or just send your Red Cross donation now and beat the rush.

This morning’s run wasn’t what it could’ve been. My hamstrings were tight and I wasn’t disappointed when preparations for a music festival along the Buffalo Bayou trails required me to turn back and cut my run short by about a mile. Since we’ve got a long weekend, I might see if I can get an appointment with my massage therapist. It’s been a long time and I could stand for her to beat up on me a bit.

There was no post-run ice cream and music today. Damn those people for setting my expectations! I had to go home and eat yogurt instead. Better for me, but not as much fun.

Recent Workouts

Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: 45 minute spin
Thursday: 30 minute elliptical
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 19 mile run


Chairman Mao said...

Now I know that Cadbury's my soul brutha! I like jumpin in waste baskets, too. hehehehe, he maded Momma say SQUEE!!

Glenna said...

Hee about the wastebasket and the bathrobe sleeve.

We've followed the storm a bit on the weather channel until we had to shut it off. Two things we got from it (other than it seems to be headed for N.O. and you are SO right about the checkbook): the dire warnings have already started about how high gas will go because of the impact of the storm on the oil fields/refineries and the complaining from the financially challenged residents of NO has already started with respect to the free buses out (waaaaah--we had to wait 3 hours).

Glenna said...

I do not want to appear insensitive to the plight of the poor in that city; but I'm pissed that although I feel that NO may be taking the storm more seriously this time, I feel as if they still could be better prepared, I think many of the $$ sent to that city were misused, and if you choose to live in a hurricane prone area, especially one that was hit just 3 years ago, you might just need to get your own plan for evacuating.

bunnygirl said...

I agree that expecting the government to take care of you is a dumb idea. One should always have a plan and a backup or two.

Sadly, many Americans don't plan for anything. They don't even have enough food, batteries, and TP for a two-week emergency, let alone any sort of evacuation plan.

Hurricanes are easy to plan for. You can see for days in advance if you might be in the danger zone. There are very few legitimate excuses for not being able to pull a plan of some sort together on one's own, and failing to do so jeopardizes the lives and well-being of the people who are truly without resources of any kind.

Anonymous said...

cadbury sounds like a great bun, very social, what fun!

Leah J. Utas said...

I got such a kick out of the bun in the sleeve. It must have been very peaceful for both of you.
Not much to say about the hurricane except I hope everyone's okay.

Anonymous said...

Cadbury's so snuggly! Give him some extra ear rubs from all of us here :D

RoadBunner said...

Mario has also jumped in the trash can. Must be very appealing for rabbits somehow :)