Monday, February 21, 2005

Happy Day

Wow. I'd forgotten that a day at the office with no useless overlong meetings and no boss pecking me to death could actually be... nice.

And productive.

I went in to work at my usual time, put a huge dent in my To Do list, took care of some tricky problems that came up that weren't on the list, had enough done by the end of the day that I could've easily just shut down the computer and headed home, but I stayed about half an hour late in order to print out some reports to start working on tomorrow. It was pleasant being at work. I was getting things done and it felt good.

A few more days like this and I might actually start liking my job again.

In even better news, my legs are back! I got on the trainer Sunday feeling a bit skeptical, but from the first sprint set to the last, two hours later, my speed was right where it used to be before I got sick. I was so relieved. It was the first really good workout I've had on the bike in a long time.

One thing I've started to notice in my training is how my ab work is starting to help my running and cycling. On faster runs and higher cadences on the bike, I can really feel my core muscles pitch in to help with the work. Interesting. It's taken six months to get to this point, but it seems to be finally paying off. The ab work started helping with ordinary lifting tasks months ago (I'm the only female at my office who can replace the jug in the water cooler without assistance), but this is different. I had always read that you needed a strong core to help your running and cycling, but now I know what that feels like. It's pretty cool.

So now that my confidence in my cycling is restored, I sure hope the predicted rain doesn't materialize this weekend!

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 2 hours bike (Cyclerobx - 30 min, Spinervals 5.0 Mental Toughness - 90 min), 3 mile walk
Monday: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute run - moderate pace

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