Sunday, February 13, 2005

Private Idaho

Once again, I planned to do an organized ride over the weekend, and once again the weather didn't cooperate. We're getting closer, though. This time I actually picked up a packet. This was easy enough since the ride was organized by the bike shop near our favorite Indian restaurant. Dan is on their team and was volunteering with packet pickup, so I had my own personal volunteer to keep an eye out for a small shirt for me.

So I picked up my packet on Saturday after my run and on the way to lunch. Once Dan and I were settled into our booth, I looked in my goodie bag. Shirt, bib number, registration forms for other rides, coupons... and something kind of big and heavy. Wow, I must've scored! What could it be? A half dozen Clif bars? Some kind of bike tool? I found the object that seemed to be the culprit and pulled...

It was a small bag of potatoes.


I looked across the table at my husband. Uh... do you know you're giving away potatoes in the goodie bags?

We both examined the small plastic bag of fingerling potatoes. "Well, a potato company is one of the sponsors," Dan pointed out.

Well, okay. So now I have some potatoes. They're too small for baking, so I guess I'll cut them up and make little roasted potatoes or something. Maybe with some cheese. This is definitely the weirdest thing I've ever gotten in a swag bag.

It was still threatening rain at 5:30 this morning so I ended up staying home. A wise choice, as it turned out. Dan was working as a volunteer and he reported that it was awful-- non-stop rain for most of the ride, flat tires by the score from debris washed onto the shoulders of the roads and a few bad falls from people hitting potholes obscured by standing water. Oh, and lots of wind. Just in case all the rest wasn't enough misery.

So I stayed home and did a session on the trainer. My own private ride. My own Private Idaho.

I have got to think of a good potato recipe.

Recent Workouts
Saturday: Run, 14 miles
Sunday: Bike, 90 minutes, Spinervals 5.0 Mental Toughness

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