Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's the Easter Bunny! Posted by Picasa


Holly said...

Awww!!!! :)

Iron Pol said...

And who's the fuzzy one on the left?

Just wandered threw from Kewl's site, and figured I'd leave a note.

BTW, about the busy work day further crushed by meetings... I can relate. In a couple weeks, I get to have meetings all day every day for two weeks to learn about integrating a new module into our business system. Ahhhh, things should be fun after that.

goldenlucyd said...

I always love hearing from you and do so enjoy peeking in on you and the bun. Honestly, you two were one of the my first thoughts last Sunday. I actually imagined Easter Bun pretty much the way you pictured him. And YOU are as cute as I imagined!
Here's to a great week for all of
us---you bring the wine, I'll bring the screwdriver.
PS Evertime I visit you I remember how glad I am, if not to be old, to be retired! How did I make it, I wonder.