Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stormy Weather

This was a gym morning, if ever there was one. When I went to bed, Doppler was showing a line of storms around Austin, heading this way. When I woke up, it looked like it was somewhere around Katy-- not far at all. It was one of those serious storm lines, full of reds and yellows. When I looked outside, the sky was full of those gray, lumpy clouds that always carry the potential for tornadoes.

No outdoor running for me!

And since Dan decided to sleep in, setting up the trainer and popping in a Spinerval video was also out of the question.

Needing something to justify my Saturday Indian Food indulgence, I headed down to the gym for a few hours of what I call "fifteens." These are fifteen-minute cardio sessions, making a circuit of three or four "favorite" pieces of equipment. My reasoning is that I can tolerate anything short of massive arterial hemorrhaging for fifteen minutes.

So today I chose elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill and bike. It went very well, no horrible, screaming mental boredom. And the rain gushed down so hard that there were times when the windows of the gym were simply awash in water, as if someone had turned a huge garden hose on the building. Couldn't see a thing!

As I reached the 2.5 hour point, some women came in with their wild, undisciplined children and proceeded to let them run amuck through the gym, romping around on the equipment like it was some sort of playground. I really hate this! Are some people really that stupid, or are they hoping Lil' Pweshus will get hurt using a weight machine like monkey bars and then they can sue? I sure was glad to have earplugs and to be almost done with my workout!

In all, my three hours of "fifteens" turned out well. The only thing I would do differently is take an extra pair of workout clothes with me. I got really sweaty and was trapped by the rain, so I couldn't go home and change. Leaving a little trail everywhere you go may be par for the course and even a badge of honor on the running trails in summer, but at the gym, it's kind of nasty.

Oh, well. I earned my Indian food! And tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day!

Today's Workout
45 minute elliptical
45 minute stair stepper
45 minute treadmill
45 minute stationary bike

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From Here to There said...

How cool are you!! I would have opted for just the treadmill, not even thinking of breaking it up. SMART!

But 3 hours? Inside? Crikey. That's tough! You get the medal for that!

I've never encountered rain like that... sheets of rain, yes, but they never seem to come with thunder/lightening here (or very rarely). I'd run through it (here) but obviously would need a kick in the butt if I lived in Texas!

Now why people bring their kids to the gym to tear up the place? Beats me... when I worked in retail it appeared that some parents figured the store was their kids' play room. Taking things out of packages, etc. So frustrating. Then of course when one is standing in the shopping cart for the nth time after my telling the parent - have your child sit down please - and they inevitably fall out and bob their heads then they try to sue... Ugh. Some people don't deserve to have children. Blah. 'Nuff of that.

Excellent workout day. Mmmm Indian. I'd even work out for 3 hours for Indian :)