Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

And silly rabbits like me!

Yes, I went for a run around mid-day today. And yes, it was pretty darn warm out-- sunny and in the 80s. But I have a high heat tolerance and there was a cool breeze blowing, so it was all good. I had thought I didn't really want to run because my quads were tight, but when I couldn't get a free place to park near the Y this morning, I decided to just come home, go for a run and deal with it. So many other people were out, running and on bikes, that it seemed silly not to join them. And once I got moving I felt all right. It wasn't one of my better runs, but it was solid.

I might do something else tonight, but I still haven't made up my mind. I've spent several days in one of those moods where doing anything at all seems like too much of a hassle to bother. I'm not depressed or anything, just vaguely annoyed with everything and everyone.

Must be hormones. I'll get over it.

I'm thinking of taking the day off tomorrow, just to stay home and nurse my massive case of indifferenciosis and its attendant symptoms of surliness and general grumpiness. But as a half-Hispana, I would hate for anyone to think I'm not working because I'm out supporting illegal immigration. Damn. Over three hundred years of ancestry in what is today the United States, and a bunch of upstarts have me worried I'll make a bad impression by taking a day off from work! How fair is that?

Hey, did I ever mention here that I qualify for Daughters of the American Revolution on my Hispano side of the family? Yeppers! My Montoya ancestors gave money in support of the rebel colonists. And got the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as payback less than a hundred years later. Oh well. So my Pilgrim-descended ancestors screwed over my Conquistador-descended ancestors. There are few real heroes in history.

Today's Workout
5 mile run


Flo said...

And then they all got together and had babies. Isn't your ancestry wonderful???? You should see mine...

LauraHinNJ said...

I say take the day off and the heck with it why!

goldenlucyd said...

Rats! I just sent my brilliant comment to Denver. Hummmm. I think I told you I loved this post about your fascinating fam and that you should tell me more. Or give me something shiny to play with.
I love to hear from you BG. Play hookey and cultivate your crabbiness with a mocha latte or stiff drink.
Thanks ever so much for visitng the old girl today!

Rachel said...

sometimes, just getting out the door is the hardest part.

From Here to There said...

Love hearing family histories!

I hope you took the day off anyway. Sounds like you need a day to regroup.