Saturday, April 22, 2006


As you can see, I've been a bit lazy about blogging lately. Mostly it's been due to a lack of things to say. Things have been quiet, but I'm not complaining.

I've been given some more projects at work-- fun, interesting projects that I'm excited about. Too bad people are keeping me in meetings all the time and I can't actually work on any of said projects. I'm still trying to understand the business mindset that increases your number of meetings each week as they add projects and other responsibilities to your plate. Many years ago I used to joke to one of my bosses that you can gauge your importance to the organization by the number of meetings you're required to attend. Sadly, I have yet to see evidence that this observation is in any way incorrect.

In tri-related endeavors, my hip is bothering me again, although I'm trying some new things that I think will have good long-term results if I can just be patient. In the meantime, it's putting a damper on my runs. And I'm trying to deal with a seemingly intractable problem with the rear wheel of my bike. It keeps flatting on me. I finally took it to the LBS out of frustration, thinking maybe I was missing something. I had checked the rim for evidence of something that might be puncturing my tube, but turned up nothing. The LBS found nothing either, but the new tube they put on is slowly leaking, just like all the others. I'm going to take the wheel to a different LBS and see what they say. I'm scared to take this bike on the road as it is. The trainer is fine, since I can always stop and add a little more air, but I'd like to get out and see some scenery.

In other news and observations, the Indian restaurant Dan and I go to on Saturdays has hired some more waitstaff-- more Latinos. They appear to be Central Americans, perhaps Guatemalans or Hondurans. They have a bit of a Mayan look about them. They're nice, polite young people, but it feels a little strange to be waited on by Latinos in a place where the staff used to be entirely Asian. Now the Indians and Nepalese are outnumbered and I've noticed they've added Spanish to the fifty-something languages they seem to know. Years ago when I was working on my undergraduate degree in Spanish, I read about a community in California where Indian immigrants had intermarried with local Californios (or was it Mexicans?). Anyway, they ended up with their own new cuisine and their Catholic religion developed some Hindu overtones. It was quite interesting. And to think I get to watch a similar cultural meld take place in my very own local Indian restaurant every Saturday!

And that's about it. I'm doing a lot of writing and my blogging is suffering by comparison. There are only so many hours in a day. But for those of you who are keeping up, I added another chapter to my novel, linkable through my profile. It's one of my favorite chapters because it contains a bar scene. Yeah, ten years in the restaurant business does leave you with a certain affection for things like that.

Today's Workouts
1 hour elliptical, 2 hour bike - Spinervals 9.0 Have Mercy

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From Here to There said...

Argh. Crappy about the hip and the wheel. Very strange that no one can find the source of the puncture!

I love my neighborhood for the diversity as well. Not that we have a Latino run Indian restaurant (that I know of!) but so many different cultures spawn restaurants of all types! Yummy!