Sunday, September 16, 2007

Book Promo / Contest

NOTE: This is cross-posted on my Writing blog.

Okay, I’ve got all the goodies on order and there will be four winners drawn randomly from among those who buy my book between now and September 30. If the prizes aren’t here by that date, I’ll extend the deadline until they’re here so I can make sure everything is in order.

The prizes are quite nice and consist of items that are mentioned in the story. At least one lucky winner’s prize will include a duplicate of the necklace Diana got from Vince when she left Albuquerque, and someone else will get a carved wooden rabbit like the one she got at Talmadge Pond, Missouri. So buy My New-Found Land and let me know you’ve done it so you can be in the running!

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Michele said...

Hi BG! Congratulations on getting your book into print and available on Lulu. What a wonderful achievement. I just ordered my download copy and now have it in my machine, waiting for me to read. I did the download because it's always so expensive to have things shipped to Norway. I hope I don't regret not getting the REAL book, although I can always order it at a later date.

I'm excited to read your book. I will definitely post a review when I'm finished. Best of luck to you with this project. It's very impressive!

bunnygirl said...

Michelle, I agree the cost of getting the book shipped to Norway would be pretty high, especially since Lulu prints on nice-quality paper, making for a heavier book than if they used newsprint-like paaper.

But the promo items aren't going to end up weighing much (I don't think), so if you win one, it'll be no trouble to send it to you.

Spidey said...

Congratulations!! Best of luck! Keep us updated, I look forward to reading it too!

Rachel said...

Congrats. I'm curious. I'll have to take a look. You inspire me. I'm a closet writer. Maybe I should start a writing art blog....where does it end?