Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ha! Got your attention, didn't I?

Central Market was a regular House o' Chocolate today and boy did I have a great time sampling the wares! Truffles, chocolate bar samples, cookies, chocolate fountain with goodies for dipping-- they had the works! Of course the crowds were horrendous at times. What is it with people who park their huge shopping carts in such a way that no one can get past and then dawdle over the samples, trying several of each kind, oblivious to the fact that twenty people on each side are waiting to get by?

I suggest a new rule: No chocolate for inconsiderate idiots!

After coming home, I did some cooking: sauteed spinach with garlic, steamed carrots with dill, brown rice, spicy black beans, and fried rice (made with last week's leftover rice). An hour in the kitchen; a week's worth of meals!

Next it was time for a spin workout. I did two hours on the bike followed by some abs and weights. I can barely raise my arms enough to type now, but I'm hoping a nap will fix that. A nap at 6:00 pm? Uh...yeah. I'm weird that way.

There will probably be bunny pics later if the ones I took of Tid posing in the hall this afternoon turn out. But for now, it's time to catch some Z's.


Anonymous said...

I don't eat chocolate, but Mom adores it! It must be a delightful human treat, the way Temptations are for us kitties, *smile*.

I think Pixel would love a kitty cube! We Ballicai are having so much fun with ours.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Ah comfort food! That should make a dent in your off-feeling. I'm pooped reading the workoout!

And - yes - more Tidbit!

pacatrue said...

Your diet is so darn healthy!