Saturday, February 09, 2008

De Regieur Saturday Post

I’ve been tired again this week, I’m not sure why. Maybe my metabolism has shifted and my body wants more sleep. Maybe it’s the kava-kava I’m taking to ward off a case of monthly bitchiness. Maybe it’s my body adjusting to my shift toward more interval and weight training work now that the marathon is over. Whatever it is, I hope I get back on track soon. I don’t like feeling this way.

I never realized how busy my campus was until I moved a block away. Today the rec center was open early for a regional swim meet and there were swimwear hawkers and proud parents everywhere. There was also something soccer-related going on because while I was using the new jogging trail outside the rec center, a bus pulled up and a bunch of young Asian men in matching warmup suits piled out and were directed by their coaches to the soccer field in the bowl encircled by the track. And there were other things happening on campus too, that I wasn’t entirely clear about. There were children in karate uniforms, little girls in track suits but with their hair in buns like ballerinas, and of course there were the usual campus tours and Saturday classes happening.

A busy day for them, but for me it was just an ordinary Saturday: running, Indian food, and a nice long nap.

Wildlife Update: Dan found an owl in our backyard a couple nights ago. We had heard it for awhile, but this was the first time either of us had seen it. He said it swooped right past him and landed on the ground underneath our ginormous oak tree. He watched it for awhile, then came to get me. Although I went outside immediately in bathrobe and slippers, the owl was gone. I did get to see a raccoon on my run this morning, though. It slipped out of a neighbor’s back fence, wearing its mask and thinking it was incognito. Then it saw me and ran away. Am I that scary? And finally, there are some new water birds hanging around the bayou. I’m not sure what they are, so if I have time I’ll go out there with the binoculars and take a look.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is cooking day. I’ve already made banana bread and bowtie pasta casserole, and I have some old naan for bread pudding when the banana bread is gone. Tomorrow I’ll be cooking spinach, potatoes, rice, and either a bean or lentil dish. In spite of my culinary frugality, though, Friday’s grocery bill was a hefty one. I was low on some of my more expensive ingredients, like hazelnut flour and almonds, and those kinds of things really add up fast! Luckily they also last quite awhile.

And that’s about it for the week, except for writerly stuff which I’ll post on my other blog tonight or tomorrow. I hope to have a new Tid Pic sometime this weekend, too. These days it’s hard to get her to stay still for the camera because photos so often feature bribes that she wiggles all around, sniffing for raisins!

Recent Workouts
Monday: 30 minute elliptical (intervals), weights and abs
Tuesday: 45 minute spin + weights and abs
Wednesday: 5 mile run, with fartlek intervals
Thursday: 45 minute elliptical (steady pace), weights and abs
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 16.5 mile run (campus and bayou)


the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady has had a lot of wildlife encounters, too (not counting the friends who came over last night, bearing beer...). So far this morning, she has seen chickadees, redpolls, pine grosbeaks, deer, a small herd of elk, a moose and a coyote.
And there are a couple of partridges sitting in the trees across the driveway.

Why is it only the men who get to see the owls? Don told me there was an owl hanging around our feed-stacks every day when he was feeding the cows last week, but I haven't seen it. All I see in the feedstacks are the tracks of some small creature (probably a weasel) who weaves in and out amongst the bales. Must be mousing, like the owl.

bunnygirl said...

Ah, BL, but you live in the country! I would love to see more wildlife, but I'm within sight of the skyscrapers. Coming across anything that isn't a squirrel, pigeon or sparrow is a treat. :-)

That's funny about your elusive owl, though. Maybe the men-folks make up these tales to see if we'll get jealous?

the Bag Lady said... are probably right -- it does seem suspicious that the men-folk only see these things when they're alone...
Even though I live in the country, that was an unusually large and diverse number of creature sightings this morning.

At least I no longer run for the camera anymore. I could fill a very large album with blurry photos of critters taken from too far away... But I'll post some of them for you so you, too, can squint at them and try to figure out what the hell they are!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, here's a funny thing about wildlife -- though hubby and I are on the mountain hiking every other day, we seldom see wildlife -- we see more of it around our house! :) It's because they hear us and smell us coming on the trail. But from inside our house, through the window, we've seen all kinds of critters, even deer!

I hope you're feeling less tired soon.

Chairman Mao said...

Momma sees wildlife alla time -- us BALLICAI!! hehehe

Raisins? Hmm! Bunnies like some funny snackies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Vickie said...

It looks like you are keeping steady on your long runs! Impressive. As for the busy campus, I live by 3 colleges/universities and there is always activity going on there it seems. Even in the dead of the Arctic winters we have.

MizFit said...

just found your blog.

VERY COOL idea to have your workouts listed.

does it help you stay motivated?!


bunnygirl said...

MizFit, yes, listing my workouts helps keep me accountable. But mostly I just need to see it written up from time to time. It all tends to run together during the course of an ordinary week.