Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun Links!

Since I have nothing interesting of my own to share tonight, how about some links?

My Strange New Mexico: Not updated nearly as often as I would like, but just what it says. If you think the imagined New Mexico of my speculative fiction is weird, just take a look at what the real New Mexico of today is like!

Paleo-Future: Hilarious and fascinating look at what we thought the future would be like.

The Victorian Peeper: Fun historical tidbits from Victorian England.

Scandalous Women: Great little articles about women who broke boundaries and got people talking in their day!



Rabbits' Guy said...

Hi Tidbit! This is The Princess from The House of Rabbits. We have taken over for awhile!


pacatrue said...

Those are, as you say, some fun links.

the Bag Lady said...

Very cool links, BG. Thanks. Now the Bag Lady can waste, er, spend even MORE time on the web! :)

Anonymous said...

hehe, way cool links! Thanks for sharing. I'm especially grinning at Scandalous Women! :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks for the great links!

Now where's my freakin' jet pack?

Rachel said...

I will have to look into those. I still want to start some of my own writing blogs! Good idea. I have a lot of memoir stuff I want to try.

Reb said...

Thanks for the great links, now I have to go have a closer look.

Chairman Mao said...

hehehe, there oughta be a web site fur Skandalus Cats! Or maybe Spazzy Cats. I'd be on that one!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

TX Runner Girl said...

Thanks for the links!!!