Friday, September 12, 2008

Bayou Surge Update

After her last post, your intrepid hurricane blogger went to the bayou to take a look. This is what she found:

This is considerably higher than earlier in the day when from the spot where this picture was taken, the water was so low as to be barely visible. There has been no rain yet in Houston. The rise in water is all due to surge fifty miles away in Galveston. The storm isn't scheduled to make landfall for several hours yet.

Luckily there is a bit more of a rise from behind the spot where the above picture was taken, and then your hurricane blogger's house is another half mile from there up a street with a slight upward slope. The lot is on a small rise and the house itself is an additional couple feet off the ground, as shown below. For non-Southerners, the little "windows" at ground level are a crawl space beneath the house. The floor is above the crawl space.

Hopefully all will be well. The local news has done another report about bayou flooding, suggesting that the problem will be around the ship channel, not in the areas that wind through the city. All reports from the hype-it-to-death local media and the dry, facts-only online sources have indicated that this area is safe. Neighbors who have lived here thirty years and longer concur.

Cadbury just did a full-body flop by the bookcase. This shall be interpreted for the time being as an indication that there is nothing to worry about and that it's time for a little nap since this promises to be a long night.

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