Friday, September 12, 2008

Cadbury, WeatherBun

How do I adjust this computer chair so I read the updates at Weather Underground?

Okay, I'll trust the humans to know what they're doing on this one. Just keep my hay dry, all right?


the Bag Lady said...

Cadbury - this is a perfect opportunity for you to become skilled as a rescue bunny! Hope you are up to the task! :) (strap a teeny flask around your neck....)
And I really hope your humans keep you dry - a wet rescue bunny is an unhappy rescue bunny!

Chairman Mao said...

Cadbury, you're a great weathur bun! I think they oughta hire you to go onna Weathur Channel!

Alla us Ballicai and our beans are thinkin about you and yur fambly. Stay safe and dry and we're sendin big huggies and lots of purrs!

RoadBunner said...

Just binky to see the screen! -- Mario

When I was twelve, Hurricane Iniki came through Oahu. My bunny was an outdoor bun an my dad said that she would be fine outside. I threw a fit and cried (not something I did much at that age) and my dad let me bring Thumper inside :) Years later now, my dad flatly denies he ever suggested we leave the rabbit outside during the storm! Haha!