Friday, September 12, 2008

Storm Surge Update

They just said on TV that Brays Bayou "below" I-45 could flood from the surge. That didn't make geographical sense so I got online at NOAA where I read the same dispatch.


Okay. If they mean "due South," then my neighborhood and the entire southern part of the Inner Loop is at risk, so why don't they order us out? If they mean just the wedge of bayou that connects to Buffalo Bayou, the Ship Channel and the Turning Basin, that's East, folks. I've got a map that proves it. Got several, as a matter of fact.

It would make perfect sense for the part of the bayou that ties into the Ship Channel to be susceptible to surge. But where we are is several miles away and as noted previously, they've done a lot of work on the bayou in the past year. It should be okay, I would think.

So what does "below" mean? Think of a cross with I-45 as the up and down part. Brays Bayou is the part that goes across. There is no "below" I-45 on Brays unless they no longer teach maps the way I was taught in school, where "up" means north and "down" means south.


If I end up having to hack through my roof with an axe at 5 am, I'm gonna be pissed. Especially since I don't have an axe.

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