Sunday, September 14, 2008

Connected! Sort of.

I've got wireless connectivity in my office, which means even though my desktop computer is unable to log me on, I can bring in my laptop. Yay!

I'm glad everyone was pleased with my breakfast. It's a big psychological boost to be able to have a nice meal when a lot of other things are out of order. I'm hoping we can have bowtie pasta with pesto and pinenuts tonight, but we'll see how that goes. Heating water with sterno is slow and we don't feel completely comfortable using the soda can stove when it's windy out. The soda can stove really would be the better way to do it, though.

This evening I threw out everything left in the freezer that could go bad. It wasn't much-- just a few emergency frozen dinners that we keep on hand to pop in the microwave if we run out of "real" food during the week. I moved the remaining ice into the fridge, so we've got one more day before we'll have to bring all our food to my office fridge. By then we're supposed to come back to work anyway so they can't stop me.

Yes, the bastards want us back TUESDAY. Can you believe it? I'll be very surprised if they can find enough students, staff and faculty to make a quorum around here. I talked to my boss earlier today during one of the few times our cell phones were working, and she said no way could she return on Tuesday because she had too much to do. She said some of our co-workers were still in the cities they evacuated to, so they won't likely come to work Tuesday. It ought to be interesting.

I'm putting together a list of what worked, what didn't, and what I would like for next time (should there be one). I'll share that list with you in a day or two in case you live where emergency prep is something you do or should do. I have to say, though, that I've learned a lot over the years, researching my post-apocalyptic novels. I've been lucky with my situation, though. The weather hasn't been unbearable and a cool front is coming tomorrow. We've had water, even hot water (water heater is gas, unlike the stove). We've had the university resources at our disposal, although we're using them sparingly.

Anyway, Dan is off my computer now so that means I should log off as well. We're going to go home and see about dinner. If the pasta doesn't turn out maybe I'll make some of those black-eyed pea cakes. They don't fry well in my stainless steel skillet, but I do have an old teflon one somewhere. Using teflon once every five years or so won't kill me. Not if a hurricane can't.

More tomorrow. I have internet and I can say that. I'll also prep my pictures tonight and post them tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Thomma Lyn said...

I'm looking forward to your pictures! And I'm impressed with how well you have come through this -- you are a courageous and resourceful person.

Good luck with dinner tonight! I hope it's yummy. And ACK, how ridiculous that they want you back at work Tuesday! That sounds just crazy.

I also look forward to your post about what worked for emergency prep -- we don't have to think about hurricanes here, but there is the occasional tornado, amazingly enough (though the mountains usually break those up).

Hugs and smiles to you and yours. :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yay ... Bunny Girl for FEMA BOSS!

We have to prepare for flood and eathquake .. it'll be good to compare our typical prep. to yours. Floods are a bit like hurricanes, you get some advance warning - but Quakes - boy, in the coastal cities like Seattle, you got to be ready all the time.

the Bag Lady said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos, and hearing about your prep.

And am really, really curious about your soda can stove......can you post a photo and explanation of that, too, sometime?

d. moll, said...

So in the next novel a young woman and her rabbit take on a world fraught with danger and very bad weather .......

Anonymous said...

We're glad everything's ok with you guys. Would love to see the emergency prep list :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your doing okay, the prep list would be interesting to see, although I think DC is fairly safe (she says hopefully!)

Can't believe they want you back at work tomorrow!