Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mid-Week Update

It's been a quiet week at the office so far. I finished a report that was taking up a lot of my time, and now I'm working through the backlog. Fun times, since I have to dig through my notes and emails to figure out what the heck is going on. I'm always relieved when, like this afternoon, I discover that I'm still waiting on data from someone else. I can follow up with them and feel good that my being sidetracked isn't the only reason something didn't get done.

I went for a run around campus this morning, hating the cold but feeling pretty darn good for having run 19 miles on Saturday and done a two-hour spin on Sunday. I'm bored with dark, early morning university runs, though. Unfortunately I don't have much choice, since the alternative is dark, evening university runs. I sometimes wonder if I should talk to my boss about changing my hours. I worked 7:00 - 4:00 at my last job, but in this one it seems a lot more things come up late in the day, so I suspect I wouldn't often get to leave at 4:00 even if that was my schedule. More early runs in the cold are in my future, I think.

On Sunday, I tried this crockpot yogurt recipe. I have a regular yogurt method with steel pan, candy thermometer, sterilized jars and all that, but I was intrigued by the idea of using something as simple as a crockpot. The yogurt took a longer time to set than I expected and I had to strain it to get it as thick as I like, but it turned out fine. Highly recommended, especially if, like me, you find yourself with free milk coupons and no regular use for milk. I also made rice pudding on Sunday, no recipe, just rice, milk, raisins, and some vanilla Better Than Milk soy powder to add flavor, sweetness, and a bit of thickness. I baked the whole concoction on 350 for about 15 minutes with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Very tasty, especially heated up.

That's about all the excitement around here. I expect to hit 70,000 words on my WIP tonight, and I'd like to finish the draft by the holiday break. It's a fun story and I look forward to being done so I can start sharing about it.

Gotta go now. I've got a bunny in my lap.


Anonymous said...

I just had to dig through past records to prepare a status update for a file. After months of not working on that file, and being busy with other files, you can just imagine the fun time I had, lol! And my word verification today is 'woopi'.. how apt :p

Ah, yes, the demands of a bunny must always be fulfilled! Have fun with the bun!!

the Bag Lady said...

At least your dark, early runs, or dark late runs aren't through cold and snow.....:)
That's some consolation, right?

(You aren't going to believe my word verification - consoli....isn't that like, Latin for consolation? LOL)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

woo hoo! 70k!!

You go, girl!

And... maybe you can come in later to work and stay a bit later, or does that put too much of a crimp in your dinner hour?

Thomma Lyn said...

Enjoyed reading your update! :) The yogurt sounds yummy. And you're very disciplined about those early cold runs!

Congratulations on breaking 70K! I can't wait to read your story.

And I love that sweet Cadbury is a lap bun!