Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Saturday

I went for a nice long run this morning, doing the same route as last weekend. I liked it better this time, so perhaps it was just my own mental state last week that made it seem tedious. It was warmer out than I expected it to be, so I actually had to come home after my warmup loop around campus and change into shorts.

Dan has a cold and I’m hoping he doesn’t pass it to me since I’ve got a lot of meetings this coming week as I try to wrap up some stale projects before the holiday break. Dan’s voice was hoarse last night but today he’s just drippy and is running a slight fever. I’m tagging behind him swiping things with alcohol and feeling glad that at least I don’t have a marathon coming up four weeks from now. Usually I’m paranoid about catching anything this time of year, lest it settle in my chest and turn into bronchitis. I still don’t want that of course, but I’m not out $100 or more in race fees if it happens.

My father is flying in tomorrow from New Mexico and will stay through January 4. I had hoped that now he’s retired he would stay through my birthday, but no luck. The family rumor mill has it that he’s already bored after retiring last summer and he’s going to start doing contract work for his previous employer, the New Mexico State School for the Deaf. Like me, he has to stay busy, and there aren’t a lot of things to do in rural New Mexico unless you want to raise goats and chickens and lay in a crop of beans and chiles. He grew up in the country and is very “been there, done that” on the farm thing, so I have a feeling paid employment of some kind is on the horizon, even though he doesn’t need the money.

Not much else happening around here. Last night I bought gifts for a co-worker in the Secret Santa exchange we’re doing at the office next week and I stumbled across some gluten-free chocolate-dipped cookies that I’ll give to my boss. That about wraps things up for my holiday shopping. I need to put all the gifts in one place and double-check, but I think everyone on my list who’s celebrating something in the next few weeks has been bought for, most of them months ago.

Cadbury just joined me in the computer chair. He wants to know when Santa is coming. Well, little bunny, have you been good?


Hef's Mom said...

Maybe he would like to raise rabbits? Rabbits as big as your head...

Thomma Lyn said...

haha, Cadbury's so cute. He reminds me of MaoMao. MaoMao asked me the other day if he's been good and I had to hem and haw a bit... ;)

Have a good visit with your dad! And I'm sorry to hear that Dan has a cold. I've been battling one for over a week now -- it's a lot better, but the symptoms are still hanging around. And hubby has caught it now, too, bless his heart! So far, his seems to be mild - *knock on wood*.

the Bag Lady said...

I just wrote a long, amusing comment, only to discover I was signed in under the wrong account...sigh.

Your dad could always come up here and learn about ranching in the cold, because it is damned cold here now!
Our temp. was the same as yours for a day or two, but yours went back up while ours went down.

Can I borrow your lap-warming bunny? :)

RoadBunner said...

Yay for great long runs. I hope Dan feels better soon.

Glenna said...

I can't believe you're through with Christmas shopping--I'm envious because I've been kind of spinning my wheels here. And Cadbury, I'm sure you have been very, very good.

The Bunns said...

Absolutely ... Cadbury has been Excellent!

Say .. this year the House of Rabbits is doing a little Charity for Christmas. We put all the names of our bunny blogger friends in a big soup cup and then Bunny Lady drew out 4. You are one of them!

Here is what you do ... go to the site and pick out what ever DVD or Cd of Bunny Tunes you want. What Bunny Tunes are, if you don't know, is all explained there.

Your order has already been paid for by us, and that money will go to what ever rescue you want it to, but you need to record that at the order site too.

Jane is the lady at the order site, and she knows you are going to be ordering ... her e-mail is

You will see Zoey there on the site, singing her little heart out!

Merry Christmas from all the bunns and 2-foots at The House of Rabbits.

YowlYY said...

Cadbury has been the best, he deserves his little sock full of presents :)