Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blue Skies

What a pretty, sunshiney day!

The day started out very stressful. After a meeting that ran late yesterday, I came in to my office this morning and found an email saying in effect, "Remember the plans we started to make yesterday? You need to present your plan at today's lunch meeting."


Okay, I only just started wrapping my brain around this project and already I'm supposed to present and answer questions at the big pan-managerial meeting… at 11:30 today?

Oh, sure. Right. I have nothing else to do this morning, other than generate a couple of critical documents, review some reimbursements, and teleconference with a major vendor who can't seem to get us a correct invoice for our biggest software maintenance package, which is already past due.

So I did what I could about getting a plan together. Then I got a few other basic housekeeping items out of the way and went to my meeting. But once there, it quickly became apparent that no one was going to stay on schedule. So my business manager took me and my counterpart from another department aside and told us that we wouldn't have time to present, after all. All that stress for nothing, but we didn't care. Brenda and I were relieved and feeling silly, so while she pantomimed the dramatic declamation that she wasn't going to get to do, I did a few arabesques and said that I had spent all morning preparing an interpretive dance about the budgets. We made the business manager laugh and it certainly lightened the moment.

We finished up the meeting just after 2:00 and I hung around to network and chat with people. Then I ran a couple campus errands and decided to go home. I got in at 3:00, answered a few emails and voicemails from the office, then decided to go for a little run. The sky was bright blue, the crepe myrtles were blooming pink and white, clover patches covered the banks of the bayou and it was an absolutely delicious day to be outside.

I still have some things I need to work on this evening, but it sure was nice to be able to enjoy a sunny afternoon! Burying myself in a spreadsheet is something better done at night or in bad weather, not when there's a whole bright world out there just begging me to enjoy it!

Recent Workouts
Tuesday: 5.5 mile run


Jill said...

Yesterday was gorgeous! I should have done more than 2 miles, but...

Anyway - Saturday I am doing 60 mi with TNT. I hadn't planned on anything else, but if you are looking for a riding partner for Sunday...

goldenlucyd said...

Lucy here. I left a reply to your comment on my post but I'm checking in on you here "at home."
My son Jack is still a high tech corporate drone with exactly the same frustrations as you descibe here. He, like you I'm sure, is counting down to his release from his sefdom.

That said, I advise you to hang in there---and save your money. It's easy to be made redundant before you're ready. You never think it can happen to you but it di to me and many folks much smarter and talented than I am. You never think it can happen to you, but...

On that happy note, keep taking care of yourself and give Bun-Bun our best.

And keep in mind that in the end it's all good---if we make it that way!

From Here to There said...

Finally catching up on posts :)

I love crepe myrtles, I so wish we could have them here!

Sorry that you had to waste so much time on pulling together the presentation that wasn't. Grrr.

Love your bunny :) and your kitty :)