Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeling Better

Well, I'm pleased to report that I'm off all my meds and doing better. Yesterday was my first day off the prednisone and it was kind of tricky. I had times when I was really dragging and having trouble controlling my body temperature, but I just kept drinking lots of water and trying to flush my system. I figure I'll wait until the weekend to try any strenuous exercise. I spent a week on a Cipro-derived antibiotic, so I'm now working at flushing all the remnants of that nasty poison out of my body, too.

But I felt a lot better today. And so of course my car wouldn't start. Did I mention that I've been driving my "extra" car while my RX-7 is in the shop?


So I got AAA out here, and since it wasn't a battery issue, we had to tow it. Luckily my mechanic is only a mile away. I told Francisco kindly but in no uncertain terms that I needed at least one of my cars back today. So after determining that my "extra" car simply had a bad ignition coil, he said he would fix that first. As for me, I was like, whatever. Just get one of them fixed today because you can't keep them both.

I walked home, checked some emails from work, then settled in to do some things around the house. Funny thing, but I always feel guilty if I spend a workday at home and don't do any housework. I feel that way even when I'm sick, which is kind of odd, because I really do hate housework, and illness is such a great excuse to not do any. So since my lungs were feeling better today, I decided to tackle the vacuuming and see if I couldn't mess up a good thing. Not only did I vacuum up enough bunny fur to create three new bunnies, but I also gave myself a mild asthma attack.

No, I’m not really stupid. I only act that way sometimes.

I felt better after I had a little Breathe Easy tea. And I completed my "scary projects day" by emptying all the trash cans and taking the trash out to the dumpster, then putting a new tube on my rear tire. I just replaced the tube a few weeks ago, but it was an old tube and it turned out to have a very slow leak. It was okay for riding the trainer because it would stay inflated long enough to get through a workout, but it was never going to do for the road. So I got that matter taken care of.

In all, it was quite a productive day, even if I never made it to the office.

At 3:00 they called to say my car was ready, so I walked over and picked it up. Then since it was such a pretty day, warm and sunny with a cool breeze blowing, I decided to go for a walk. I went and did the five mile bayou loop, and it was one of those wonderful golden days that feels like an unexpected blessing. Very nice. It made me happy and perky. I got in just a little ahead of Dan, who had spent the whole day working, poor baby. I sure didn't seek out this little "free" day, but I made the most of it, just the same.

Recent (Lame) Workouts
Monday: 30 minute walk, 30 minute slow elliptical
Tuesday: 30 minute walk, 30 minute slow elliptical with intervals
Wednesday: 7 miles brisk walking


Cliff said...


u forgot the exercise of vacuuming..i think that's like a cross training or something :)

Jill said...

Glad you are feeling better.