Monday, March 06, 2006


That's what it feels like the day after hitting the weight room for the first time in awhile. And the scary part is that I wasn't really lifting that much. It was kind of embarrassing, actually. In some cases I was at only half what I could lift back when I was much more serious about it.

Oh well. The only thing more embarrassing than lifting girlie weights is not showing up at all.

I rounded out my Sunday with a walk and a good 30 minute spin session. I did better than I had expected on the bike, so I might be hitting the spring ride series sooner than I had anticipated. That would be nice. It might not even be too late to still consider an April tri in Austin. I just need my arms to quit hurting long enough for me to get in the water and make sure I can still swim, now that I can breathe again.

Did I mention I'm really enjoying this breathing thing? It's great. Everyone should try it.

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 45 minute weights, 3 mile walk, 30 minute spin


nancytoby said...

Oh, "girlie" is not a bad thing, remember?? Run like a girl! Lift weights like a girl!

You're doing it, like you said, that's what counts!!

Bolder said...

good to hear you are feelin' better!

i like your cross-training, i need to focus more on strength.

Jill said...

I SO need to hit the weight room, but I keep avoiding it!! One of these days I will get in there and feel like I have accomplished something!!

Glad you are breathing again!