Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Run

This has been a pretty good week of training for me. I'm not back up to the levels I want to be at, but I'm happy with the way I'm bouncing back.

Today I did half an hour on the elliptical trainer, then did a ten mile run/walk. I shortened my walk breaks from last week and did seven miles of running, three of walking. There were some times when my lungs hurt a little, and toward the end of the run I could feel my legs getting tired, but overall it was a good run. The Bayou City 10K was going on, so I got to hear lots of music while I ran the trails. I kind of wish now I had signed up for the race, but I wasn't at all sure I would be ready for 6.2 by today, and it was probably for the best anyway. I would've only tried to push myself and that wouldn't have been a good thing.

One positive thing has come out of my forced time off from running-- my hip pain and ITB symptoms have gone away. I'm determined to be careful of how I get back into things this time-- more strength training, less of my usual desire to do too much, too soon. It takes such an effort of will to remember that I'm not twenty years old and can't just go throwing myself into things, expecting my body to be able to deal with it.

I'm disappointed that I had such a setback in February, because the weather for tomorrow's Bluebonnet ride looks like it will be good. But I'm not up for a long hilly ride yet, and I'm sure not going to get up at dark-thirty to drive all the way out to Hempstead and ride the short route. If I'm going to spend more time driving than I will on the bike, it ain't worth it. So the plan is to hit the weight room in the morning and then spin or take my bike to the picnic loop, depending on time and personal inclination.

Recent Workouts
Saturday: 30 minute elliptical, 7 mile run, 3 mile walk
Friday: Rest day
Thursday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 45 minute core and strength training
Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute run


Rachel said...

You've been very consistent with your workouts though, and that's what's going to help get you back into shape very quickly.

Jill said...

Be thankful you didn't head out to the Bluebonnet Express. The wind was BRUTAL!! It sure was a good experience though. I am trying to look at the positive!