Monday, March 13, 2006

Getting' Macha

Yesterday I hit the weight room again. I didn't do anything significantly different from last week, but I'm not as sore this time. If I do my core and strength training at home again during the week like a good girl, I'll be ready for a small increase in weight by next weekend, I think.

Of course, that could prove problematic, since I'm hoping to do a ride next Sunday, and that would conflict with my gym time. There's an organized ride out of Pearland, which is perfect for where I'm at in my recovery-from-illness phase. It's flat, it's not a huge long drive to get there, and there's a 45 mile distance which ought to be about right. According to, it will be raining this coming weekend, but we'll see about that. This far out, a lot can change. But I've got a plan and a backup plan, so I'm all set, no matter what kind of weather we have!

After I did my weight training yesterday, I ran a couple of errands and then settled in to do a bit of writing. It's way too early to tell if the novel I'm working on now is any good, but I really don't care. It's distancing me from the manuscript I recently finished, and that's what I'm really after. I will need that mental distance in order to properly edit my completed manuscript.

Last night after my evening nap (aren't I decadent?), I got on the bike and did a Spinerval. I was happy to see my cadence and mph weren't too far off from where I was before I got sick. I had expected it to be a lot worse. So things are looking pretty good in that department.

Now if only I can get through tomorrow. I have another late afternoon meeting that threatens to be much like today's-- long on talk and short on real solutions. I really do wish we could do a better job of staying on topic. I don't usually mind a meeting that runs overtime if we're solving problems or at least identifying what those problems might be. But when we're just taking turns rambling on about stuff on the periphery, well… I've got other things I could be doing. Don't they? Life is way too short to spend sitting in a conference room talking about whether or not we'll have enough time to do the real work, if we can ever figure out what it is. Am I the only one who sees what's wrong with this picture?

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 1 hour core and strength training, 45 minute spin - Spinervals 3.0 Suffer-O-Rama


Cliff said...

Tribunny..sounds like my company meeting...everyone will stop talking and think for a few minutes..then no one will do anything.

90% of the time, the problems ain't even related to me or my project.

Jill said...

The shirt for the Pearland ride looks cool. Wouldn't mind doing it, but I have a fundraiser that day. Have fun! And great job on the training! You will get back to peak form in no time.

goldenlucyd said...

BunnyGirl Dear.
I think you are working too hard. I have a suggestion: Wonder Bread. I heard it builds strong bodies 12 ways.
I like to be helpful.
Thanks for the BDay greeting. I love hearing from you and seeing pix of Bun-Bun!

bunnygirl said...

Wonder Bread? LOL! Wouldn't it be great if it were that easy? :)

Comm's said...

I sometimes feel like we have meetings like that. Thankfully we stay on track for the important stuff and degenerate to keep the mood right.