Saturday, March 11, 2006

Product Review: Sport Beans

Sport Beans by Jelly Belly!

The short review is: Yummy!

They come in orange and lemon-lime. Rumor has it that more flavors will follow.

I tried these on Thursday when I found myself faced with an interesting dilemma. One of my cars was ready to be picked up at the shop, just a mile away. Usually I would walk over, but I also wanted to get in a run before I got caught up in other things and lost my ganas. The perfect solution was to go for a run and make my route end up at the auto mechanic's shop. The problem was that it was dinner time and I was hungry.

What to do?

A gel didn't sound good. And a Clif bar was more calories than I needed and would've sat in my stomach like a rock. Then I remembered I'd bought Sport Beans awhile back! One packet is about 100 calories and also includes sodium, potassium and vitamins C and E. Sounded good. I opened a package of orange ones and found them to be very tasty. They were exactly what I needed-- a little sugar boost before my run, but fun to eat, easy to get down, and not heavy. I ate half the packet and then saved the rest for when I got home.

They really were tasty. And I had a good run, too. I don't know if I'd go saying it was the jelly beans that did it, but they sure didn't hurt!

Conclusion: Buy Sport Beans!


Bolder said...

i want da beans! where does one find them???

and, have you had Clif Bloks?

bunnygirl said...

I got my Sport Beans at my LBS, but I've noticed that and Nashbar both have them available for online ordering.

I tried the Clif Bloks at the Houston Marathon expo a couple months ago. They were good, but they didn't strike me as being particularly convenient for on the road or on the bike.