Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Musings

Just an ordinary Saturday. Nothing to see here!

Since my hip has been bothering me more than usual this past week, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning and a shorter run than usual. I ended up with about the same cardio as if I had run 14 miles, but I only had to subject my well-taped hip to 11. I felt fine during the run, but the hip has been a little naggy tonight. I’m thinking of staying taped up all the time, per the correct kinesio taping technique. Then maybe I could actually get over this thing.

Or not. I have no idea, really, except that my attempts to get it fixed by a so-called professional have done nothing but rob me of time and money (co-pays add up fast), while completely failing to resolve the actual problem.

In fact, given the way professionals always seem to fix problems I don’t know I have, while never fixing the ones I go to them for, I might be going about this the wrong way. If I were to go to a physical therapist complaining about, say, my foot, would they fix my hip? Something to ponder!

We’re having an interesting absenteeism problem at the office. Out of seventeen of us, we currently have one in ICU, another on extended sick leave, another just back from three months of extended leave for depression, one out on maternity leave, another pregnant, one with severe health problems that limit the work she can do, one whose duties have been curtailed after she pawned a university computer, and two new mommies who are frequently out with childcare issues.

Only the four of us in management and four others show up reliably, and of the four others, three have very specific and narrowly defined duties. So that leaves one low-level generalist and us four managers who can be counted on to show up every day, ready to do any sort of task that needs doing.


Uber-boss asked in an email Friday if we wanted a temp. I had to restrain myself from emailing back that hell no, we don’t want a temp. We want a big bowl at the front door, full of free vitamins, antibiotics, contraceptives, and St John’s Wort, underneath a sign saying “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

Today’s Workouts
30 minute elliptical, 11 mile run


From Here to There said...

Hahahaha, you know, when I went to see my massage therapist for ART for PF, she said "the problem is your calf... it's too tight". HUH? :D She fixed me up though!

Sorry about the hip and office woes, I hope they both resolve soon!

Re: the central air. It's funny to be thinking about while there's a blizzard out, but the heat will come! And when it does, it's Texas heat (from what 'they' tell me', a good week of +40C with humidity on top. We suffer through these heat waves about 4 weeks scattered throughout the summer. That's too many sleepless nights for me! :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Funny sign idea! If only it would work.

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

when is your next tri?
i'm thinking of doing Do-Da-Du...a good thing you think?

Allie Boniface said...

Too funny...

It's true about the health-care people, though. A few years ago I had pretty severe pain in my left calf. Went to an orthopedist, had an MRI, went to some other kind of specialist, had some kind of really weird nerve test done (thank god for health insurance), and you know who finally diagnosed it correctly?

My massage therapist, who said, "You have a really strained tendon." Period. 4 months later, I was back to normal!