Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ways to Skin a Cat

How many are there? And how many are legally justifiable when one pukes on the comforter? Does it affect my legal standing that he did it after all the safe, clean Laundromats are closed, leaving me with no way to wash said comforter tonight, so I’ll have to try to make do with… what? What can take the place of a nice thick, soft comforter at night?

So just how many ways can I skin this particular cat? It’s not like he can make it up to me by taking the comforter to the Laundromat for me tomorrow. Yes, that’s just how I want to spend my time tomorrow—hanging out at the Laundromat.

Gonna go kill the cat now.


Vickie said...

Well, better puke than you know what, something I had happen a couple of times. No fun, either way! Ick.

LauraHinNJ said...

Another reason I don't have a cat! And don't let the bunnies anywhere near the bed!

bunnygirl said...

Yeah, Laura, the bunny would've just eaten the comforter!

Anonymous said...

Late on this, but... LOL! Ha, you oughta try four Ballicai in the house! It's a Veritable Batallion of Ballicai: occasional hairballs / generalized cat barf, one of 'em poops on the floor from time to time, another of 'em attacks our shoestrings, our legs, and anything he can climb (YOW!), and yet another tries to get in my mixing bowls and casserole dishes whenever I'm cooking.

And unless hubby and I make good use of our lint roller, we're so covered in cat hair that we might as well be Ballicai ourselves. :-D