Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Update

Okay, I didn’t skin the cat. He’s still fuzzy.

This morning I took the comforter to the Laundromat to use one of their big front-loading washers. Since the Laundromat is in a nice neighborhood (trust me on this), I went for a run during the wash cycle, came back and started it drying, and went and ran some more. In all, I ran for an hour. Not bad, although I really hadn’t planned to run today, and it did my hip no favors. It kept me from having any wasted time today though, and that was a good thing.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles and it was a good solid run in nice cool weather. Not much happened, other than that I got to see a wreck. I hadn’t seen one in awhile, and since the ambulances drove off without lights and sirens going, I don’t think anyone was hurt. The roadside garden at Memorial and Chimney Rock is doing very well, and the azaleas are in bloom everywhere.

Most of the mud has dried up after last week’s rains. I went for a run on Thursday down by the bayou and ended up wishing I hadn’t. The bayou had been high earlier in the week and had left behind a thick, slimy mud that was so slippery that one wrong move would send your feet sliding out from underneath you. It was dangerous, so I did more walking than I would’ve liked. I don’t know what I was thinking running down there so soon after all that rain!

I’m disappointed to find that it’s already Sunday. I had Friday off from work due to Spring Break at the university where I work. I enjoyed getting an extra day in which to do things, but these little breaks never seem long enough. From here, it’s straight on through to Memorial Day without a break, unless I choose to take sick or vacation time.

Recent Workouts
Today: one hour run
Saturday: 14 mile run
Friday: rest day
Thursday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 45 minute spin
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run


Vickie said...

Awesome running. I hope to be doing more of the same soon.

DK & The Fluffies said...

As a bun, I would have shaved the cat... Mwahahahahahaha

-Lando Bun

Allie Boniface said...

Hey, nice blog. Like that you're a triathlete, too. I run - but mostly 5Ks and 10Ks. Did a marathon once and can file it under "did that and have no real desire to do it again."


Spider63 said...

On laundromat days I usually go to the gym after I put the clothes in the washer (and later the dryer). It is a fun way to skin two cats for the price of one...?