Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Pics

The storm hideout in the closet. You can just see Cadbury's ear in the carrier. I had to have a kleenex box in the closet with me because the closet was dusty and I kept sneezing. You can also see I have pillows and a stash of books. When the FM radio stations all went out I read aloud to Dan for awhile until we decided to quit waiting for FM to come back on and found a good AM station instead.

Fearless hurricane bunny!

Dan, checking the doppler on his Blackberry to see if the storm would EVER end. The reason the pic is so bright is because of the camera flash. It was actually very dark in the house and we were doing everything by the light of electric lanterns and glow sticks.

Pixel, high and dry on the fireplace mantel.

The view from our porch the morning after.

The tree that fell in our yard. No little sapling!

The view looking up the street from our house.

Someone who didn't fare as well with their tree.

This one looks bad but it's only cosmetic damage.

This street had three more trees of this size blocking the road, but none fell onto the houses.

Remember my bayou? This is soon after the storm had passed. In the lower left corner you can see the debris where the bayou left its banks, flooding my my neighborhood's streets but thankfully not our houses.

This part of MacGregor Road, about half a mile from my house, was still flooded even after my neighborhood was clear.

By evening the bayou had gone down considerably and the evening light was an odd yellowish color.

Cadbury back in his room, glad to be out of the carrier but puzzled as to why everything is so dark and stuffy.

Pixel, checking out the mosquito netting over the door.

Our neighbor's new trampoline, courtesy of Ike.

Honey, anyone? This explains why our tree fell-- it was a bee tree!

Look closely. The top of the tower is bent over. The satellite is supposed to face the other way.

Farther up my street, toward the bayou.

Someone else who got lucky with the direction their tree fell.

If you look carefully, you can see that some clever person used a fallen branch to prop up a tree that was pulling down a power line. Good thinking, since if the line doesn't break we'll get power back on sooner.

This tree fell in front of my office building.

College of Architecture, with most of the roof of one wing lying on the ground. Same thing happened on the other side of the building. I find it ironic that the College of Architecture was the only one to lose its roof.

Trees and light posts down outside the Computing Center.

Trees uprooted in the picnic area in front of the Computing Center.

Sign on tree says No Parking. Good advice.

Sagging power line at the entrance to my neighborhood.

Why I'm skeptical that we'll have power again anytime real soon.


RoadBunner said...

Wow! Quite a storm. That trampoline picture is pretty funny! Glad to hear you all made it out pretty well. I hope you get your power restored quick and snappy! Big Boo to going back to work Tuesday!

Thomma Lyn said...

Absolutely fascinating pictures. I shared them with hubby, and we laughed about the irony of the College of Architecture being the only building to lose its roof! And LOL on the trampoline -- is that what's referred to as windfall profits? ;)

Cadbury sounds like quite the intrepid Hurricane Bun! I'm glad all of you came through well and with only minor damage to your property.

Smiles and hugs, my dear friend! :)

MikeyAnn said...

Great Pictures... We tend to be out of touch with the reality of the storm (Those of us in other states) God be with you and Cadbury.

Glenna said...

Great pictures! I wonder what they'll do with all the fallen trees there--giant piles of mulch?

Leah J. Utas said...

Glad you're safe. Love the irony with the roof.

Rabbits' Guy said...

WAIT .. that was a giant alien bunny saucer. Have you seen strange teeth marks on the fallen trees? Does Cadbury now glow in the dark????

And ... when do we see the soda-can-stove????

PS Glad ya all made it through well and can get cleaned up and back to reasonable again!

Great reporting ... beats being there!

Erin said...

Wow! That was some storm. Glad everyone is ok. I love the picture of Pixel on the mantel! So funny:) Cats always go up when they get scared, ever notice that?

andrewbun said...

We are furry glad you are alright! IKE visited our warren last night!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We're astounded by the pictures you've shown and those on the TV. We know it will take a long time to get everything back in order. But, it sounds like your attitude is staying upbeat. We're sending good vibes your way!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

*I* can't believe this but some streets HERE look like this! Ike's wind came through last night and good luck getting to the Township building. Man, that pine used to be handsome. Now, it's the killer of a telephone pole and responsible for a downed power line.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
I watched the (Canadian) coverage on the news tonight, and the devastation in Galveston is terrible!
Glad you didn't have anything worse than you did!
(still waiting for the soda-can stove.....*drumming fingers on table*) :)

pacatrue said...

Looks even worse than after a southern ice storm. Glad you and family are safe.

MizFit said...


I was in that same position with Fran and it's so frustrating (hurricane fran....not a person fran :))


d. moll, said...

Phew, what great reporting you did on all this. I'm sorry you had to go through it, but, you know, thanks for sharing. Bet you are still cleaning up........

Anonymous said...

wow amazing photos! I can't believe those trees, glad your fell the right way!

Kathleen said...

Glad you're all ok!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Wow. Just wow. I'm so glad you're all safe. I'm reading this late... you have power now but not Internet. What a storm.