Saturday, January 03, 2009

Holiday Break Wrap-Up

Well, my holiday break is almost over—nearly two weeks of no work commitments and an abundance of days for celebrating. Or in my case, just hanging around the house. I’m an introvert at heart (though not particularly shy) and I treasure my peace and quiet.

So what did I get done with all this free time? As usual, both more and less than I would’ve liked:

  • Did Christmas Day with my family but didn’t get stuck there to no purpose.
  • Made bread in my new bread maker.
  • Bought some stuff we needed for the house.
  • Sewed darts into some pants and a skirt that needed them.
  • Re-started my weight training program.
  • Did a lot of running and spinning, and tried out a new spin video.
  • Got my comforter cleaned (an enterprise that requires a trip to the laundromat).
  • Cleaned the house—not as well as I could have, but I did it.
  • Got the last part of the fallen tree from our yard removed ahead of the final FEMA pickup date.
  • Contacted the Civic Association about a matter that pissed me off and impacted many of my neighbors as well. (If it was just me, I’d figure it was my problem.)
  • Had a nice visit with my father, who returns to New Mexico on Sunday.

And finally, I finished my novel! A friend says I should call it urban fantasy, but I think of it as comedy or even satire since I mock the deities and paranormals my hapless human protagonist encounters. The website is here and although there isn’t a lot of content yet, most links are functional and more content will be forthcoming. I’ve commissioned artwork for this, and hopefully it will be ready sometime this month. I’m very excited to get original art, so I’ll post about it when it happens.

Sunday will be my usual cooking day, getting ready for the return to work. Unlike last year, I don’t hate my job and dread going back. That counts for a lot, even as I wrap up my paid holiday and prepare to put my nose back to the grindstone.


Glenna said...

Yay on all counts--pretty impressive list of stuff accomplished. I envy you not hating your job. I have come to hate mine, and I have that bummed-out glum Sunday evening feeling already on Saturday night. Not good--pah.

DKM said...

Wow - sounds like you had a very productive two weeks. I played games, cleaned poop and read books. I wish I could take another two weeks.

Hef's Mom said...

That's more then we've done with Hef's dads vacation. Way to go!

d. moll, said...

Congrats on finishing your book, did you put up the website too? Sigh, I wish I enjoyed reading off a monitor, looks like there is plenty to read there. I go back on Monday, but the grindstone is a pretty soft one. Bumps to Cadbury from my Spots.

bunnygirl said...

Actually, there's not much to read yet. Just some "abouts" and a couple of flash fiction pieces. The novel itself is with beta readers and will go through at least one more editing phase after that. I'll probably order a print version for my final edit. Funny how many things show up in print that aren't obvious on the screen.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Finishing a novel .. whew .. congrats. We did hit the website ... now I need to ponder this more ... is it a story? a band? sci-fi? a story about a band? a story about a sci-fi band? Did I get into the wrong site?

my poor tired brain. Thank goodness for bunnies. Hi Cadbury!

bunnygirl said...

Real site for a fictional band, for which I've written a novel. If you read the "about the band" section, you'll see pretty quickly that it's fiction, unless you're used to seeing rock bands that have a genie and a vampire...

Thomma Lyn said...

Sounds like you've had a great holiday break! :) And I'm chomping at the bit to see the artwork -- I'm betting it will be super-cool.

MaoMao said...

Auntie Bunnygirl, I justed wanted you to know that when my momma was readin yur book she kept laffin and laffin and alla us Ballicai kept lookin at her funny cuz we thought she wuz gonna fall outta her chair or sumpin.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

the Bag Lady said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! And kudos on finishing your novel.... I have yet to start. ~sigh~

Maybe this year.

Glenna said...

We took them out for dim sum 3 or 4 years ago. It was our turn to host, and I wasn't up for that--I was in grad school at the time and the house was dirty, I hated the idea of shopping, cooking, etc., so we proposed the dim sum (and we paid), and we didn't even have parents along (we would have understood that the older generation might have had trouble adjusting). But goodness, you'd have thought we'd shot Santa Claus. There was much bitching and moaning at the table about how much they missed turkey, etc. It's funny now, but I was pretty pissed at the time. I will say the restaurant--well known in this area for its good food and good value--is not pretty or festive in any way. It's your basic dingy carpet, plain tables and chairs and for some odd reason, lavender walls, with a giant fish tank of dinner makings swimming around or climbing on top of each other, as decor.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, you got so much done and CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE NOVEL!!!!

RoadBunner said...

Sounds like a good break. Congrats on finishing the novel!!