Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Check-In

I got my custom artwork on the Maelstrom site, but I’m still having difficulties with the template and the way it won’t let me completely remove the previous art (I had to lay my new art on top of the old) or adjust certain things about the header. I also want to work on the resolution of the art at the reduced size, so I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. But the basics are up and running, I’ve tested it on IE and Firefox, and it seems to be workable for now. I’m happy about that.

I ran fifteen miles today, doing the med center run again. I ran past a site where they’re doing construction on a new medical building and saw about two dozen cement mixers lined up in the street, with another dozen a block away, waiting for the light to turn. I had never seen so many cement mixers in one place before and for some reason I thought it was funny. I would’ve been much less amused if I had been in my car, trying to get somewhere.

This weekend, I’m passing up my third marathon opportunity of the month. I wasn’t able to get into the Houston Marathon, which is tomorrow, because it filled up so much earlier than usual. Ditto for the New Year’s Day Texas Marathon in Kingwood. And I opted out of the USAFit marathon last weekend, although I seriously considered it. Oddly, I’m not disappointed, and it’s not just because I broke a toe a few days before New Year’s, since I'm getting around just fine. January is a tricky month for marathoning, at least for me. Training through Christmas and trying to avoid everyone with a winter cold really puts a damper on things, not to mention my aversion to training when it’s cold outside.

Speaking of cold, this past week we had early morning temps in the 30s every day and I finally broke down and drove myself the half mile to the gym so I could work out. I felt like a wimp, but I just couldn’t get motivated any other way. So there.

Well, it’s time to go play with my Maelstrom template some more. I’ve also got a new story to post over there tonight!


Thomma Lyn said...

The Maelstrom art looks fabulous! :) I'm sorry you're still having some template difficulties, but it's looking great and I'm sure you'll figure out how to fix whatever little glitches exist.

LOL about the cement mixers!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, those guys look about like I suspected so the art work is pretty darn good!

We have several annual January runs around here, and gosh it is hard to get motivated to stay in shape for them. Several were cancelled due to too much snow and undafe roads!

furrybutts said...

Excellent artwork!! It really gives the right feel to the band :)

Ouch about the broken toe! It must have hurt! I hope it's much better now.