Saturday, January 27, 2007

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I was a slug all week. A coughing, mucousy, slug. Instead of doing what little bit of light exercise I could do without coughing, I decided to use the time for sleeping, in the hope that I would recover more quickly.

I have no idea if it helped or not, but by this morning, I was left with just an annoying rattle in my left lung. Since today was Indian food day and I hadn’t done a single thing all week, I figured my lung would have to fend for itself. I needed to burn some calories. It was raining, so I went to the gym and got on the elliptical machine. I did two hours, broken into four 30-minute sessions. I took things slow at first, but by the last hour I could handle 160-170 steps per minute. Not bad, considering. (Note: My usual pace is 190-200 steps per minute.)

After my workout, I cleaned up and went to have lunch with Dan. I was coughing a little, but it was “productive” coughing, and I’ll skip the more disgusting details. After lunch, I took a nap, expecting to wake up to more mucous rattling around in my lung, but to my surprise, it’s almost completely clear.

Dare I hope I’m recovered? TWO WEEKS since the stupid marathon, and maybe, maybe, maybe, I can soon run again! I almost wonder if these annual winter bouts of respiratory issues are my body’s way of making me take time off from hard exercise, because I seem to find a way around any other hints my body gives me, like overuse injuries. Kinesio tape, anyone? What a shame I can't put that stuff on my lungs!

In other news, I’ve been very busy at work. Sometimes I go nine or ten hours at a stretch on only coffee, oatmeal and a banana, because I scarcely have time to eat. But since I haven’t been exercising, I suppose that’s a good thing. If I’m truly on the mend, I think I’ll have to reconsider my work and training schedule. I’m used to being able to go in to the office early and leave early, but now it seems I go in early and end up having to stay late. This just won’t do. So maybe I’ll start doing my workouts early in the morning, go in to the office at 8:00 or 9:00 and work until 5:00 or 6:00 like everyone else. I need to think about it and make a plan.

But first I need to be sure I’m really well. I’m still taking meds, and I still have some ringing in my ears, but the stuffiness seems to be mostly gone. I’m a little short-winded tonight, but it seems to be just ordinary asthma. I sure hope so!


AlannahJoy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I worry about subsisting on so few calories for such long days, though, especially when your body is trying to recover.

Hope to hear you can start running again soon!

Spider63 said...

Indian food day? Have you ever tried the kurdled goat milk? If you can drink that, you'll clear your lungs out fast.

pacatrue said...

I used to have the same experience as you regarding work hours. When my son was little I was up at 5:30 anyway, so I'd start going in early. However, everyone else would show up at 9:00 and want to just ask me one more question at 3:30, 4:00, etc. Ended up starting early and working late. Eventually, I moved my start time back to match others.

silverlight said...

hey, take it easy girl. If you try too much too soon, you could relapse and then the big 'P' could get you. take a few more days.
been there.

From Here to There said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! This is fabulous! Huge congrats on the elliptical training - that's some serious time for someone recovering from an illness, and then to feel better to boot! It's that way sometimes, isn't it? All it takes to get the last of the gunk out is a good lung workout.

Re: work - I can relate. I hope you can find the balance!

sam said...

hi from mexico, i like Ur blog...exellent..

un beso, que estes bien...


Leslie said...

Way to go on being so proactive with your recovery. I'm so impressed that the 2-hour workout did wonders for your lung.

Speaking of Indian food -- we've discovered a new line of frozen entrees at our local health food store of the most incredible butter chicken and the like. They're great for those evenings when there's no time (or energy) to cook.

Keep feeling better!

Thomma Lyn said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, and I hope you'll be running soon! :) Take good care of yourself, and kiss your kitty and bunny for me. :)