Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bah humbug!

Any other year I would've been thrilled at the prospect of a snowy Christmas Eve. This is the only time in my entire memory of living in this city, let alone this state, that a white Christmas Eve has been more than a fantasy.

And it just happens to be the weekend when I had scheduled my last long training run before the marathon. I've been mentally running through all the possible options. Do I give myself an athsma attack by running my planned street route in cold temps, assuming no ice on the roads? If it's icy out, do I risk driving to the park to run there? (The tricky part would be driving home, not getting there.) Should I try to tough out four hours on the treadmill? Or should I just run on Sunday instead and do a long Spinerval session Saturday in anticipation of Christmas goodies with my folks? If I do a spin session Saturday, will my legs be up for 23 miles the next day? Not likely. Not in any way that won't be really painful. But four hours on a treadmill is pretty painful, too. And so is running with reduced lung capacity, which is the state I'll be in when the 20-something temps hit my screwed up lungs.

So I'm not pleased at all by our Christmasy weather. Just call me Grinch.

Recent Workouts
Monday: 45 minutes core and stretch cords, 45 minutes elliptical, 5 minutes jumprope
Tuesday: 45 minutes core and stretch cords, 45 minutes Spinervals: 3.0 Suffer-O-Rama
Wednesday: no morning workout-- overslept, 30 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes treadmill, 5 minutes jumprope

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