Saturday, December 04, 2004

My Saturday run

Well, I was a bad girl today. I was only going to run 9 miles and ended up doing 12. I'm sure runners everywhere are screaming at me about the 10% rule, but I don't have time for someone else's rules if I'm going to make the marathon. I felt so good I even considered going a little farther, but I came home and did an hour on the elliptical machine instead. So it came out to about the equivalent of 18 miles from the consistent-effort perspective.

After I finished working out I soaked in the cold water of the small unheated pool outside my building. Immersion works better than laying a few bags of frozen corn on my legs, but it sure isn't fun. Today seemed more painful than usual, for some reason. Luckily I had a newspaper and a cup of hot chocolate to distract me until my legs went numb and I didn't feel any more pain. And I felt very fresh and tingly after a hot shower, so that part was nice. I'm a little bit sore tonight, but it's been worse. In fact, for not having run long since early November, I feel pretty good. Maybe the running-specific strength training I've been doing with the stretch cords is helping.

I'm going to experiment this week with a new theory that maybe my sore arch has something to do with tight calves. I've noticed that I've been having little teaser pains in the general area of the anterior tibialis, so I'll put some extra effort in loosening that area. It can't hurt anything and I have noticed in the past that when my calves are tight I'm more prone to foot cramps when I swim. Maybe this is sort of the same thing. Anything reasonable is worth trying at this point.

Dan and I had our usual "date" for Indian food today, then I took a long afternoon nap. It's great to get caught up on my sleep! It was supposed to rain most of the day, but it ended up not raining at all. Now they're saying the rain will come tomorrow. Whatever. I'm planning to spend some time on the bike trainer and then maybe stop in at the Y to use the hot tub on my feet. So it can rain all it wants to. I don't care.

Today's Workouts
12 mile run
1 hour elliptical trainer

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