Thursday, December 09, 2004

Best laid plans

So it started out as a normal, quiet day at the office. I had some tea, a snack, updated a spreadsheet, looked at a website with some cute kitties... and then around lunchtime I got hit with three urgent, must-do-today projects! Luckily my sluggish brain ramped up to the task quickly and the time just flew. The biggest project was one of those number-intensive, change mental tracks and you'll forget it all, type of things. So by the end of the day I barely even looked up when my boss went home, my assistant went home... hey, why am I here all alone?

Another day late at the office. This makes three this week! Maybe I can leave early tomorrow. I better not plan on it though, or surely something else of life or death importance will come up and I'll be the only one who can save us from certain doom with my Excel pivot table skills.

By the time I left the office it was after 5 and I was tired, hungry and a bit out of sorts. So instead of going to the gym for pilates and body pump, I came home with a vague notion of doing my Spinervals Big Gear Strength video and maybe some weights later in the evening. But I took a nap and overslept, ending up doing short sessions on the stairmaster and elliptical trainer instead. It was probably better for my marathon training, but it's frustrating to have none of my plans for the day work out.

Today's Workouts
Morning: 45 minutes core and stretch cord exercises
Evening: 20 minutes elliptical trainer, 20 minutes stairmaster

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