Monday, December 06, 2004

Rainy Monday

I could tell it was a Monday because the day began badly. I had been looking for some kind of ointment that would work on my injured foot and bought some Capzasin on Sunday. I used some right before going to bed and was disappointed that for $12 it seemed to do nothing at all. Well, nothing until 4:30 am when I woke up in pain, feeling like my ankle was on fire! I got up and washed it with soap and water, then put some aloe on it. It helped, but only a little. And after all that ruckus, who could go back to sleep?

So of course having not gotten a full night's rest, this was a late day at work, having to get documents signed. My business officer mentioned that the CIO realized he was spending a lot of time looking at documents and is going to phase this out. Well, duh. I could've told him that looking at each and every document in the former IT division would be a monster of a time-consumer. So it looks like there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel. People are starting to realize that this takes a lot of time and delays our getting anything accomplished. I just need to try to stay positive for a few more weeks and things should be back to (somewhat) normal. But in the short-term, I go back for more signings tomorrow. Well, it beats unemployment and most days it beats waitressing, too.

I put some gel heel cups in my shoes today as another measure to try to cure my foot pain. I don't know if it's helping, but the little gel thingies sure feel nice!

In other training news my quads and my right calf have been sore since Saturday night when they tightened up after my run. This doesn't bode well for the marathon. But there's still... what, 5 weeks? Why did I ever register for this thing?

Today's Workouts
Morning: 45 minutes abs and stretch cord exercises
Evening: 45 minutes elliptical trainer, about 10K pace

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