Thursday, December 30, 2004

Not Quite New Year's Eve

Nice day today! After a leisurely breakfast of yogurt and banana, I went to the gym for body pump class and a swim. I managed to navigate all the stairs without hurting myself as I left and proceeded to the school bookstore to pick up my books for the semester. They were expensive, but what can one expect? Then I went to Border's to pick up Jared Diamond's new book Collapse. It was on sale 30% off and I had a $10 gift card to bring it down to a very nice price. So of course I ruined the whole deal by buying a few magazines, a calendar for the office and another book that was not on sale. When the young man at the register asked if I had found everything I needed, I told him, "Yes. Too much. Get me out of here and don't let me come back!"

I then went across the street to Whole Foods to scout out their deli. I got Dan some spinach-mushroom enchiladas and for myself a big box of stir-fried and grilled veggies with a piece of sesame tofu. I also got us some Mexican chocolate bread pudding for dessert. Shame on me! But it was sooooo good!

And hey, I worked it off tonight on the elliptical trainer. Right?

Tonight we were a little concerned by a bit of red soiling on Tidbit's tail. We think she just got into something because her social behavior hasn't changed, nor have her eating or... er... other habits. But all the same, a bunny's health can change so fast. Lots of good-health karma for Tidbit, please!

Today's Workouts
Body Pump class (1 hour)
Swim (1000 yds)
Elliptical (1 hour)

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