Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Round-Up

Since we still hope to go out of town at the end of the coming week, today was a Big Shopping and Baking Day.

I started my morning by doing a little writing while sipping Sumatran coffee. I suspect I’ll be going down to the wire on my draft, but I do think I can make my target of finishing before Thursday.

Then I went out and ran a few errands, came home and started cooking:

  • cornbread with cheese and black pepper
  • pumpkin bread (2 loaves)
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • curry zucchini
  • curry chickpeas and potatoes (using remainder of pumpkin from the pumpkin bread)
  • fried rice
  • steamed rice (mix of brown and jasmine rice)
  • humza bread

For anyone curious, the humza bread was at one time touted as some sort of miracle diet food. I don’t believe in “miracle foods” and my weight is just fine, thank you. But any sort of food that travels well and packs a lot of hunger-reduction in a small package is good road trip food, especially for the long stretches of West Texas, where you can drive all day without finding anything better than a gas station convenience store selling hours-old fried chicken from under a heat lamp. So rather than take a chance of starving, I’m giving the humza bread a try. It’s quite tasty in its own right, so I may make this a regular thing.

I now have a refrigerator packed to the gills! Later this week I’ll be making some more cornbread and some carrot or zucchini bread. I also want to try my hand at spinach frittatas. I saw a recipe for some that are quite small and I think they would make good road trip food. One of the great things about hours and hours of driving in the western sun is that if you wrap a food item in foil and set it on the dashboard for a couple hours, it gets nice and hot. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me! You’ll never think of travel food the same way again.

So I’m envisioning stopping for picnics that consist of frittatas and grape tomatoes or curry chickpeas and zucchini. And in between stops, well, there’s that humza bread.

After I did all that cooking, there wasn't much time left in the afternoon and since this is my last week on the job, I did the performance appraisals on my staff instead of a bike workout. I'm running out of time to do all the projects that need doing and it doesn't help that I've got short-timer syndrome pretty bad. But not in regard to my staff. I'm trying to do everything I can for them before I go.

I’ll be getting an update on Tidbit tomorrow. For those who have asked, Tidbit is about five years old. She was a shelter rabbit, so I don’t know much about her history before I got her four years ago. She’s under the care of a vet who specializes in exotics. She has been checked for issues with her teeth and she’s had an x-ray. The diagnosis is hypomotility, likely due to hair ingestion (although we suspect her love of chewing on sheets is also a factor). She has been alert and responsive throughout her ordeal, so hopefully this is just a simple hairball situation and not symptomatic of some obscure and expensive rabbit disease.

Her situation as of last week was considered urgent but not immediately life-threatening, but going without an update all weekend is nerve-wracking. She went from doing binkies on the bed and begging for food to refusing all food within twenty-four hours, so my mind comes up with awful scenarios of what could be happening over the weekend! I hope they call with good news on Monday!

And finally, tonight we mourn the passing of one of our dear little blog-bunnies, Archi Ann. I will so miss “your” posts and visits, sweetie.


Thomma Lyn said...

I'm keeping all my appendages crossed that you get good news about Tid on Monday! Hairball huh? Oh, how familiar I am with hairballs! I hope that's all it is and that precious little Tid is feeling better and comes home very soon.

Mmmm, that travel food sounds scrumptious -- one heck of a lot better than old fried chicken or greasy potato chips!

And how sad to hear of Archie-Ann's passing. I've seen her comments on your blog. My heart goes out to her humans -- I know they'll miss her terribly.

Anonymous said...

another full roundup, you're amazing!

I'm glad so glad you caught tid's situation early and pray they are able to clean her out. i'd go nuts without an update as well.

and maybe zinger will have to find a voice and begin posting to the blogs! thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hope today brought good news of Tidbit.

Sounds like a busy weekend, the Humza bread reminded me of Terry Pratchett's drawf bread, except you know its edible :)

From Here to There said...

How you fit it all in astounds me! Today is a holiday here, and my goal is to make soup - loads of different soup. Mmmmm.

Thanks for the uplifting message re: work. I've been through 'the worst scenario' before and came out for the better on the other side.

Awww poor Tidbit! Salami (cat) coughed up a hairball this morning. It does not seem like an easy thing to do for a cat, let alone a bunny! Come on Tidbit, let it go and you'll feel so much better!

Leah J. Utas said...

Humza bread sounds interesting.
I hope Tidbit gets her hairball situation sorted out quickly.

the Bag Lady said...

Hope Tidbit gets rid of the hairball (sheetball just doesn't sound right...) and comes home soon.
How sad about ArchiAnn. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

YowlYY said...

Hmmm... you are inspirational, you know? I must go and do some shopping today, and the next organic veg box scheme delivery is only friday, so I might bake a bread (probably one with poppy seeds to make the OH happy) and maybe a nice frittata with peppers, potatoes and parmigiano.

Fingers crossed for little Tid, Hugo's twin separated at birth. Gut mobility issues are a nightmare, but good for you to catch it on time. Miss Eve likes chewing on fabrics too, but I am keeping her area a no-fabric zone just in case.

Sending healing vibes to Tidbit, and will be lighting two candles tonight: one for Tidbit for a good recovery and good news coming your way, and one to help out our pal Archi Ann's at the other side of the bridge... we all miss her!

Vickie said...

Glad Tidbit seems to be doing better! And that humza bread sounds interesting. I think I'll look up a recipe. Thanks!

The Furry Fighter said...

i pray it is just a hairball that is blocking up Tid! Have you tried lactulose? or that paraffin stuff? x

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh boy I hope that Tid gets home healthy .. we can't take much more tragedy right now! We are all thinking the best well-bunny thoughts and vives we can here.