Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Zoo of Their Own

This morning I took my camera on my run. I need more pictures for the not-yet-released blog associated with my new novel in progress. What better way to get moody urban pics than by running through urban areas on an overcast morning?

When I was almost home, running up my street, I came upon something really cool-- a mini petting zoo in someone's front yard!

The zoo was for a children's birthday party and was provided by Marsha's Zoo. They provided animals, an awning for them, and they gave pony rides up and down the street to the children. The workers were very friendly and told me that their operation is a family business providing animals all over the city. I was ready to hire them to set up in my back yard, but instead, I contented myself with petting a friendly fawn.

In other news of the day, Dan and I had lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant and since it was raining when we were done and we hadn't brought umbrellas, I suggested we cut through the Pier One store to get a little time out of the rain. Dan said we should at least pretend like we're looking at merchandise, so I obliged.

And dammit, I bought.

Getting wet would've been cheaper.

I miss my Tid.


Thomma Lyn said...

((((((hugs)))))) I hope Tid will be all better and back home with you soon. I know you must miss her something fierce.

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wowie kazowie, a pettin zoo! There's efun a lotta vishus deer! Ecksept they don't look vishus, they look furry nice. Espeshully the fawn.

We Ballicai are purrin and purrin fur sweet Tid and we're sendin her our strongest FOODIES ARE GOOD vibes!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable bunny figurine. I hope precious Tidbit is home with you soon. I am sending her my strongest healing purrs!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

The Bunns said...

We ALL miss Tidbit!!!

THE ZOO said...

that zoo luked grate. when owr bean say its name she fawt "durn that shouldve been owr blogs name" cawze wes a zoo and owr bean is a Marsha spelt tha same way.

owr beans is just as bad wiff the figurines. theyve tackified the back deck.

Black Cat said...

I've just heard about Tidbit over on Marilyn Monreow's blog. I do hope she gets better and is home with you soon.

I like the figurine:) xxx

Princess said...

I am purring for Tidbit to have a better day today and that she can come hope perky and healthy very soon.


Amy-and-Fez said...

Aww I hope that Tid gets better soon! Mom wants to know if they checked her teeth, the back ones, sometimes spurs can make a bunny not want to eat, and did they do an xray? She is very nosy.

the Bag Lady said...

Loved the photos of the petting zoo! And you got to pet a fawn! The Bag Lady hasn't seen any fawns yet around here - there are lots of deer, but they hide their babies really well.

Love the figurine you bought, too. Hope Tid gets home soon to see it!

(BTW, do you want a calf to be named in Tidbit's honour?)

YowlYY said...

Oh no... I just found out about Tid and hope he's on the mend. I do agree 100% with Fez's mum and if your vet hasn't thought already, he should do x-ray and look for spurs. I know a spur was the culprit for Hugo stopping eating.
Hugo and Miss Eve join me in sending healing vibes to Tidbit...we all hope to read from him very very soon.
The stone bunny is cute... I have one in the kitchen, waiting to be put in the garden (it was a Valentine's present from my OH, who knows better than give me flowers or chocolates...LOL!).

Anonymous said...

i would have bought it too, especially if my bunny was in the hospital and i was missing her!

archi ann died this morning

praying for you because more than ever i KNOW how much you miss Tid - praying she heals and comes home well.

The Furry Fighter said...

just wondering how Tid is doing...sending you continued purrs and hugs for the little lady xx

Glenna said...

Worried about you and Tid. Please tell us how it's going when you can. Best wishes.

the Bag Lady said...

When you have a minute, come and check out Tid's namesake!