Sunday, May 04, 2008


Do not make this extremely dangerous bread!

If you feel compelled to make it, don't use whole wheat flour, pecan meal, and organic butter. And for the love of God, don't eat it!

Eating this bread, especially warm from the oven, has been known to create strong urges to keep on eating, regardless of one’s actual state of hunger, to the exclusion of needful daily activities, such as exercise and housework.

This bread is a hazard to waistlines and balanced diets everywhere. If you must make some, it is strongly recommended that you give it away immediately!

In fact, just send it here.


The Bunns said...

RE: yur last post, I agree, it is not what you are it's who you are that matters. And by the way, you keep eating that bread and what you are is going to be FAT! .. which of course WILL matter and blow the previous observation to smithereens.

However ... once I had a similar work situation. I went to my current boss and told him about the new opportunity and told him I wanted to take it because it was a chance for more growth and responsibility, which I felt ready for. Then I waited a few days. Pretty soon I got some good new responsibility and duties and rewards from my current job ... they just really needed to be whacked up along side the head once.

I really did not plan that out, but that is the way it worked, and it was a good deal for a long time!

PS .. this is not really from The Bunns, they are channeling me, RAbbits' Guy!

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, YUM YUM YUM! I wanna make some, I wanna make some... then as much of it as I'll doubtlessly eat, I'd better go on an eight hour hike! ;-D

archi's mum said...

you crack me up!