Friday, November 12, 2004

Car troubles - again

Okay, so I know there's no really good time to have car trouble. But with the all the Giftmas expenses coming up and having to register for classes so I can stay in student loan deferment, this is a lousy time to have to put my car in the shop. It's too soon to tell at this stage what's going on. With any luck it will just be another leaky hose like a couple months ago. Worst-case scenario would be a radiator leak. I think I would look into selling the car if it were a radiator leak, since there are other things that need fixing as well. I can live with cosmetic problems and little things that don't make the car undrivable. But this is starting to be more than I bargained for. Okay, the car was almost free, but still... Anyone want a used RX-7?

Today's Workouts:
Morning: 30 minutes abs and upper body
Mid-Day: 30 minute walk
Accidental Workout: 1 mile walk home from car repair shop

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