Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My first blog post!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, ever since I tried it on my website a few years ago but found it too much of a pain to keep up with. I can do HTML and all that, but I find it a hassle. Besides, with all my training, reading and quality time with the bunny, when do I have time to muck around with things like that? I haven't even gotten my summer vacation online yet, and it's almost Thanksgiving! Oops.

There's not much to say about today. The boss stayed out of my way and October finally closed so I could start getting the budget report ready. It was another beautiful day today-- too pretty not to go for a run after work, but I've had a bruise-like pain in the arch of my foot since last Saturday's run, so it looks like it will be me and Coach Troy tonight!

Today's Training Plan:
Morning: Core and swim-specific stretch cords
Mid-day: 30 min walk
Evening: Spinerval session (2.0 - Time Trial Special) and short run on treadmill. Maybe a bit of strength training after, if it's not too late.

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