Sunday, November 14, 2004

A weekend without running

Well, this is the first weekend in a long time I haven't been able to do a long run. My foot was feeling sort of okay last night when I decided that maybe rubbing the arch would help. Big mistake! I was Ms Gimpy after that, and since it still hurt this morning, all thought of a run or even a long elliptical session was out.

So I went to the Y and did some leg work in the weight room, swam awhile and worked on some of the sore spots with the water jets in the hot tub. I was feeling almost well enough to run after all that. But I was hungry and didn't want to push things, so I went to Central Market and got some lunch for Dan and a couple of big salads for me. My roommate from my first year of college once told me I made the most appetizing salads she had ever seen. I was flattered but noticed she never asked me to make her one. Hmm...

I had hoped I could get a massage this afternoon, since I didn't run today, but I can't seem to reach Mary. Too bad. The 8 mile round trip walk would've been a nice low-impact substitute for a real workout. I know, I know... I could go for an eight mile walk anyway. But then what do I do if Mary calls?

Today's Workouts:
Morning: 30 minutes strength training - legs, and 1000 meter swim
Evening: 3 mile walk with Dan

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