Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ordinary Tuesday

Not much to say about today. It was a cool wet day and not conducive to going for a walk at lunchtime. But the day moved along pretty quickly. It was one of those quiet, steady days when there was plenty to do but none of it terribly urgent.

Dan took some of the lasagna to work, then called me halfway through it on his lunch break to tell me it was so good he wanted me to marry him. I said okay. Since I'm already married to him, what do I have to lose?

I was disappointed but not surprised to read today that Tyler Hamilton and Phonak have parted ways. I really want to believe Tyler, but it sure doesn't look good and it seems like things just keep getting worse. I know he's limited in what he can say since his case is pending and I'm sure the lawyers have told him not to talk too much, but I'll be glad when the whole matter is over and resolved. I'm sure someone already is writing the screenplay to make the whole fiasco into a movie. It's the American way.

Today's Workouts:
Morning: 45 minutes core and stretch cords
Evening: Spinervals 7.0 The Uphill Grind

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